Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 10
Cost Value 8
Quality 10
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 9

Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

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MSRP:$49.99 ca
$39.99 us
4 x AA (Not Included)
Safety Advisory: This product emits flashing lights at 5-30 cycles per second.
Editor's Review

A favourite for all our testing families. Even older siblings couldn't resist dancing when BeatBo starts up with catchy tunes and flashing coloured lights. A great toy for all to enjoy. Parents loved how BeatBo helps get their kids moving for some daily exercise.

Tester Reviews


It dances and when we hit its tummy it makes music! I like that I can talk to the robot and it sings the word back to me in a song so I can dance! It's so colourful and we can dance together. Raina (F3)

He's really funny! They should have colors to his tummy because it would be nice but I don't know if babies would like it. The robot is fun to play with it. Maja (F6)

The best part of this toy is recording words and making it sing them back. Sometimes I say funny words or make funny noises to hear the song! Lily (F5)

This dancing robot is really cool. I know it is meant for f20months but it plays fun music and I like the flashing lights. Leah (F5)

It looks fun. I like it says something back to me. Samantha (F4)


Still a favorite in this house!! WIGGLES AND GIGGLES is what you get with this toy!! The songs, the moves, the bright colors and big buttons are what makes this toy my kids (F16m, M4) favorite!! As soon as the songs come on they are wiggling and dancing away and our house turns into a dance party. Both kids love it and play with this one everyday. Good to get them moving around for a bit of exercise! My daughter loves the red button, its big and stands out, easy for baby fingers to press!! Gabrielle Leblanc

I love love loved this toy! Cassidy (F1) loved it, too! She called him "bo bo" and carried him all over the house. She danced like a maniac when he sang, too. I thought the songs were catchy but not annoying, there were many places you could push to get a (different) song or interaction, that it got everyone up and dancing, and that it was fun for babies and schoolagers like few toys are. Only negative was the voice recording part, I found, as the voice that comes through isn't very recognizable and there is a bit of annoying repetition. But the kids LOVED that feature, so who am I to judge. Melissa Hunt

BeatBo was an instant hit for my 19 month old son and 3 year old daughter.  The flashing colorful lights on its stomach, to the music and way it wiggles, you can't help but get up dance with BeatBo! My son, now 20 mths, will press the buttons to make BeatBo play music and dance, and then call for his older sister, 3yrs, to come dance! The kids like to see and laugh at the words they can get BeatBo to say & sing back to them. They love it and so do we! I especially liked that it was ready to play with out of the box, batteries included. Rebecca D'Silva

Both Lily (5.5) and Evan (2) had fun with this toy over the testing period. Lily took to it right away and her favourite part was recording her voice to make the robot sing it back and dance. Evan was a bit leery of it at first, but to my delight, has warmed up to it over the testing period and enjoys playing with it most days! He also loves recording his voice and dancing with the robot. The downfall of the toy is the noise it makes as it dances - the mechanical noise as the robot moves is very noticeable. Christina Beeson

Good size toy with large buttons to push to activate songs or to record word(s). F2 enjoyed watching the robot "dance" and the music. She also liked the flashy lights on his body. She liked to tug at his ears but could not activate any buttons yet. F4 and F6 especially liked to record a word or short message, which the robot repeated back to them in a little song. It was easy enough for F4 and F6 to use. They did not really dance with it and were not as interested in the other button for learning letters or numbers. No volume control. Found it a little loud so taped over the speaker. Sandra Wong

Manufacturer's Description

Shake it baby! The perfect playtime pal for singing, dancing, and move ’n groove fun. Who likes to move? BeatBo does! Get the dance party started by pressing BeatBo’s tummy or any of the buttons on his feet to activate fun songs, learning content and dance moves. This futuristic friend even allows mommy or baby to record a phrase, and he’ll remix it into his favorite song. Three modes — Dance ’n Move, Learning & Games, and Customized Sing-Along — “grow” with baby to make him a forever friend for years to come. And through all the play, BeatBo’s introducing baby to letters, colors, counting, music, cause & effect and much more.

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