Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 10
Cost Value 8
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 9

Hot Wheels® Spin Storm™ Track Set

Mattel, Inc.
In Stores
MSRP:$59.99 ca
$44.95 us
4 x D (Not Included)
NOTE: Set includes one car.
Editor's Review

Very popular with our testers who loved watching cars zipping around the track building anticipation of the big crash as the cars eventually collide. Despite that the box does indicate only one car included, all familes were disappointed that there weren't more cars in this set, espeically considering the crash theme and the many cars shown on the box. 

Tester Reviews


I've never seen a track like this and I really like playing with it. The cars just go around and around and around until one crashes. I love watching them go and adding more cars until the big crash happens. Bang! You never know if they're going to crash, sometimes it's really close but they just miss each other. I like playing with my sister (F8). We both launch our cars at the same time and then watch to see what happens. If her car falls off first, I win! Malik (M6)

It is so good we are not going to be able to stop playing with it. 10, 10, 10 for sure! Even just looking at it is great. It's like one of those really really good toys you see and then it's even better when you play with it. We play with it almost every day. But if I were going to make it I would make all Hot Wheels cars be able to fit on it. Some are too big. Sometimes we like to set it up so the cars can ram each other off and when we play with our friends thats just all we do. That's why we're so loud because it's pretty fun. Gram (M9)

Awesome! It's awesome because the car goes so fast. It goes so fast when the car goes upside down it stays stuck to the track. Every kid who likes hot wheels would like this track. That is probably every kid. Ian (M7)

This is an amazing game. I love to see the track and the cars spinning around and seeing who wins. I never get bored of this game. I like how easy it is to put together. I got to put many of the pieces together myself and I got to figure out how it worked. It wasn't too hard. I put different cars on the track to see if they would work. I had other hot wheel cars from other tracks and they worked fine. Andrew (M9)


Completely rave reviews from M7, M8, M9! This toy was heavily tested - it was the #1 go-to toy for the first couple weeks, and still used several times a week after that. The noise was definitely part of the attraction for the kids, less so for adults, but not overwhelming. The track (noise) could be turned off in between use, so they would use the on/off switch while they were setting up the next hot wheels. Not all hot wheels cars work well on the track, depends on size - M9 initially thought this was a drawback to the set, but it became one of the highlights as M7 and m9 would carefully line up their hot wheels and predict which would do the best based on size and weight - after repeated races there was a daily champion! They had a bit of adult help for assembly and were able to carefully move it to another room without it breaking once we realized how much space it took up. It's big size is a bit of a drawback, but so far they haven't wanted to put it away and their play area is just a giant hot wheels zone. I am not a lover of noisy toys but I have to say the excitement they got from this track made the noise worth it! Jennifer Fraser

Our son (M6) was super excited to open this package and try out his new track. The instructions are easy to understand and the toy took about 10-15 minutes to piece together.  He really enjoys playing with this track and watching the cars crash into each other. He can play by himself but prefers playing with someone else and having both people launch their cars simultaneously. One thing that I was unimpressed with is the fact that the box says 2-player action and shows many cars on the track at once yet only includes one car. Let's also not forget that not all Hot Wheels cars fit on the track or are best for it. Since Malik has a huge bag of them, it wasn't very hard for him to find more to play with but considering the price of the toy, Mattel should have included at least a second car. This track really is great though and I haven't seen one like it before. It's a lot of fun watching the cars go around the track waiting for them to crash. Sylvie Schnubb

My 5 year old son was so thrilled when he saw this toy. He had a lot of fun and good laughs seeing the car zipping around the track. But the set came with only one car. We added some of our own, creating some car collisions, which my son thought was pretty funny. But you get dizzy after 5 minutes of play. Annie Deveau

My 6 year old son was super excited to open the box. It took about 15 minutes to put the track together, which is quite reasonable. He was disappointed that the set only came with one car when the picture on the box shows two cars. We had to go find other cars that fit. He put all his toy cars on the track and enjoyed watching them go around and crash. He brought all his friends and neighbours over to play with him. The track worked very well for the first couple of weeks, but after a lot of play, the track seemed to wear out. The cars don't go quickly anymore and they get stuck at one or two spots. My son found this so annoying that he completely stopped playing it. We aren't sure why this started to happen and tried to fix the track, but nothing we did made a difference. I didn't like how loud it is and there really isn't much to do. I prefer more interactive toys or toys that promote imaginative play, or something educational. Wendy Krakowski

My son is 9 and still gets excited about hot wheels even though we have all the computer games we want. There is nothing like a new track to play with. His friends that come over love it, too. This time my son tried to put it together himself. He has never been able to do so before but he managed with little help. That was great to see so he had a better appreciation for this toy. He had other cars to add to his track so that was a bonus. There really should be 2 cars in every track. Orietta Miranda

Manufacturer's Description

Ultimate boosted track action comes full circle with the Hot Wheels® Spin Storm™. Kids can launch their vehicles on the track, sending them spinning around and racing closer to an exhilarating collision in three different crash zones. With two launchers, kids can challenge their friends and add more cars to the track until they meet up in a dramatic crash that's part of the fun of this high-speed set. Want to race into other track sets? Just flip the trap door and shoot off on another adventure! Connect to other Hot Wheels® tracks (sold separately) to build the world of play.

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