Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 10
Cost Value 8
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 9

Barbie® Pop-Up Camper

Mattel, Inc.
In Stores
MSRP:$109.99 ca
$99.99 us
Dolls not included.
Tester Reviews


I like it because we get to play with the little pieces when my baby sister is not around. I like the chairs with seatbelts for them to sit and drive around. I like the wheel that is in the back that opens up to a fire with rocks where you could put the pretend marshmallows there. I like the sofa in the living room where they can sit and watch TV. I like the truck so they can drive and the fridge that opens up for the little food pieces, you can lock and unlock the fridge. Samantha (F4)

This is so much fun. I love camping and my Barbies like camping in my bedroom. The camper goes up and then there are two floors and they eat on the top floor with their table. The pool is in the bottom and after the Barbies eat they go down the slide and go swimming. Siobhan (F4)

This camper is cool. I love all the different rooms especially the pool and kitchen. I like the accessories and it's fun to have Barbie and her friends to have campfire together. I like how it can be a van and then a camper. Katie (F7)

I like the little pieces-they are so awesome. I like that it pops up and they can eat on the top floor. The bathroom can turn into the driving place, the sink turns into the steering wheel. The hammock needs to be bigger, 2 inches longer. Maja (F6)


This camper is incredible. My daughter (4) spends most of her waking moments playing with the camper. It has a ton of fun features with furniture and expands into a large playing structure. I like that it is open on all sides so that she can play with friends on different sides. It is always parked outside her Barbie house and has become an extension of the house. There are many cool accessories which keep her busy with imagination play. She loves the table being on the very top level. We had an issue with one of the seat belts snapping. This has happened before with another Barbie car too. Susan Chaves

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