Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 10
Cost Value 7
Design 10
Quality 10
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 10


In Stores
Age:1 to 5 years
MSRP:$39.99 ca
$34.99 us
Editor's Review

Our testing families loved that this block set is designed with tower building in mind because isn't that what you do with blocks? But it's also a well-designed farm play toy, with plenty of parts (70 pcs) to build not just a barn, but lots of other outbuildings as well - just like a real farmstead. A wonderful first building set.

Tester Reviews


Very cool designed but for older kids (3+) to really build the farm and rebuild different ways. Both of my sons loved to build and rebuild the farm in many different ways. We first got the set for my 1.5 year old boy but its my 5 year old that ended up building and rebuilding the farm using his imagination. My 1.5 year old was the little helper. Annie Deveau

This Megabloks set is a lot of fun for Evan (2). It's a great Mega Bloks set that comes with a lot of pieces, many of which are different from the usual ones you'd find in a starter set (such as the tractor, animals, and large flat pieces). There are enough pieces to build a tall farm or just have some imaginative building, with doors, windows, little animals and a tractor. Evan loves the animals best and is enjoying incorporating them into the building. He is too young to follow the building instructions, but he enjoys when I help him or just making something of his own.I like that it can be used on its own, or combined with other sets you have for more creative play. Evan (2), really liked it when we helped him build the tall farm (he couldn't do this on his own yet), and he liked pushing the animals through the doors or windows and sitting them in the different levels. Although it's a bit pricey, it really is a good starter set for younger children. Christina Beeson

Manufacturer's Description

It’ll be a big day of fun in the country for your little farmhand with the Friendly Farm by Mega Bloks First Builders! With eight panel-style blocks, your little one can get to work building taller and faster, using the First Builders blocks and rearranging the panels to build and rebuild the farm in so many different ways. Highly detailed printing on the panels brings the farm scene to life with a barn, stables, chicken coop and more. Open up the real working doors and windows so the Farmer Block Buddy™ can peek through, or give him the run of the fields on his rolling red tractor. If he needs any help with any of his chores, the friendly cow, horse and chicken Block Buddies™ are more than happy to pitch in!

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