Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 9
Cost Value 10
Design 10
Quality 10
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 10

Draw 4: Dig for Dinos!

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MSRP:$19.99 ca
$14.99 us
Model:Item # 02500
Tester Reviews


I really like this game and getting all my dinosaur pieces. Building the dinosaur puzzle is lots of fun. I like exchanging and stealing cards and trying to get all the pieces to build my dinosaur. Once I have all four pieces, I turn them over and put the dinosaur together. This game is alot of fun. Malik (M6)

I like the dinosaur puzzles and the action cards. You can exchange or trash cards. It was so much fun. It wasn't easy to play with. I like that it's a dinosaur game. Maja (FF7)

This game is pretty simple. My sister is 4 and she likes it more than me. I can see all the shapes of the dinosaurs so I know which ones to pick and the game goes really fast. It is more fun with more people playing. Tiago (M7)

This game is easy for me to play. My brother is 7 and doesn't like this game because he says it is boring. But I like it because I am really good at matching. Siobhan (F4)


Great little game! This is a hands down favorite at home now. We have played 2 and 3 player games and have lots of fun playing. The kids (M6 and F9) love trying to gather all their dino pieces so they can then put together their puzzles. Our oldest also enjoys counting everyone's points at the end of the game to determine who won. Instructions were clear and easy to understand and everyone learned how to play in no time. A typical game lasts about 15 minutes. Great for strategy building skills and solving puzzles. Sylvie Schnubb

F4 and F6 like dinosaurs and enjoyed this game where they pretended to dig for dinosaur bones by flipping over tiles. There are a lot of different dinosaurs tiles to match up so they thought it was like a puzzle too. The idea of placing the tiles down like an excavation dig was fun and unique. They could only choose a tile from the empty space. The action tiles were fun because they got to steal dinosaur tiles from other players to complete their own skeleton. Easy enough for F6 but F4 needed some help with picking the tiles and putting the pieces together. Sandra Wong

This is an easy game to get started and to play. The kids M7, F4 enjoyed playing together and matching the dinosaur bones. The big issue I had with the game was the action cards all look so similar and I had to keep referring to the instructions to try and figure out what they were which slowed down the game and was frustrating. My son (7) was supposed to be testing this toy but he had zero interest besides looking at the cool illustrations of dinosaurs and bones. My daughter (4) did enjoy playing this game and matching but only once. As a parent I found the symbols on the action cards to be too similar and it lead to some confusion during game play. Susan Chaves

Manufacturer's Description

In Draw 4: Dig for Dinos, you are a paleontologist digging through the dirt on an expedition to complete your dinosaur bone collection! Players try to collect complete sets of dinosaur bones by taking turns picking either an Action Tile or Dinosaur Tile from the grid, while collecting cards may be limited by their location or by another player's actions! Expose and collect the most dinosaur bones and become a world-renowned paleontologist!