Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 9
Cost Value 10
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 10

Sticky Mosaics® Sparkling Princess

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MSRP:$9.99 ca
$9.99 us
Model:Product # 72377
Editor's Review

An inspiring theme for our preschool testers, and a great introduction to Sricky Mosaics craft sets.

Tester Reviews


This is a fun craft that takes a little while to do. It can match the princesses in my room. I like the jewels and sparkly purple. We have lots of stickers left over. You can even pick the stickers off if you make a mistake and then fix it. Carleigh (F5)

I really like playing with and decorating the princess. I really like that it has little stickers for decorating. Samantha (F4)

I love this craft; it is fun. My little sister (nearly 4) can help me. Rebecca (nearly F7)


Easy, attractive craft project that F4 year old could do independently and safely and she loved the princess theme. Good price as well. All pieces could be stored back in the box in between play sessions until the project was completed. F4 and F6 liked the 3 princess designs that came in the box. It was easy enough for them to remove the stickers and to attach them to the corresponding shape/pattern on the princess' dress. Once the project was completed, they did not play with it anymore. Sandra Wong

My daughter, 4, really enjoyed working on the princess dresses. The three dresses have the perfect amount of sparkle, texture and colour to keep her attention and focus on this quiet craft project. To complete one of the princesses took my daughter almost two hours total over the course of two days. Very easy for her to complete on her own, and with extra stickers included, my daughter was looking for more items around the house to decorate! These are great projects for a rainy or quiet afternoon.  Rebecc D'Silva

F7 and f5 are very familiar with sticky mosaics and this kit is more of a beginner kit compared to other more complex designs we have seen. The girls would have preferred more jewels but did love the colours and glittery stickers included in this kit. The birds, butterflies and cat could have had some jewels or stickers to let them stand out as well. Unfortunately our pack included only 2 of the 3 princess boards. [Editor's Note: Orb Factory immeditely offered to replace the kit]. Tammy Wiseman

Fun and engaging. My daughter (nearly 7) really enjoyed working on this kit and it kept my daughter her occupied for a couple long craft sessions. She enjoys including her younger sister (nearly 4) in the play. It was a lot of fun to watch them work together peacefully! A great little kit. Ruth Burany

Sara (4) loves numbers, stickers, sparkles and princesses, so this craft was perfect for her. She could do it independently and enjoys it. It was frustrating for her that the special diamonds didn't always stick like they were supposed to. Fortunately, there were extras provided so she was still able to complete the mosaics. Wendy Krakowski