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Overall 8
Play Value 8
Cost Value 10
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 10

Sticky Mosaics® Sparkling Monsters

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Model:Product # 72384
Editor's Review

Our testers love these spakly monster-themed projects, esepcially doing them in early fall so they'd be ready for Hallowee. These projects are a litle easierr than other Sticky Mosaics sets, but even our older testers still enjoyed the activity. Glad to see a sparkly kit that appeals to boys - we've long heard brothers coveting the sparkles in girly kits.

Tester Reviews


I think I would like to have a whole wall of Sticky Mosaics on my wall. They are so much fun when we are making them but the best is I can hang them up and see my art. This one was even better because the mosaics were super-sparkly and they are decorating our house for Halloween. I liked mine the best and it was good they were all different because we all got to do one we really liked and we did not get them mixed up. Ian (M7)

I liked this because you do not have to concentrate, you just do it, and we were talking and watching a movie. It looks really good at the end and it is just a really great picture. And the big kids could help little kids but they can do it, it just takes longer. Gram (M9)

I love the stickers! They sparkle and I can get them off myself! I had fun with this. The stickers were a little small but mommy helped me. I could find the numbers!! Sam (M4)

These monsters are cool! I love this craft. Matthew (nearly M7)

I like the monsters. I really like the one with the hands coming up from the ground. But I liked the pirates that I did last year better. David (M6)


Great fun and educational craft for my 4 year old son. who was really excited when he seen a monster related craft. He did need quite some help to complete the crafts - he needs a lot of guidance and help taking off the little square s, but it is a fun craft to do together. My 2 year old daughter even helped! Looking forward to buying more different themed crafts. Nadine Lepine

I like the Sticky Mosaics because they are so easy to grab and take somewhere for a craft-on-the-go or have a complete set of everything needed in one spot when they have friends over. For the time it keeps them occupied, and that so far every kid seems to enjoy them make it a good value. M9, M7, and M5 all enjoyed doing these together in particular loved the spooky monster theme and think they are one of our better Halloween decorations. Added bonus was that one seemed less detailed than the rest so the three different ages could complete the same craft together. A craft activity that really a 5 to 9 year old can all enjoy together is rare. I think the price on these is very reasonable, complete all in one kit and they were all left with a piece of art that they want to display for Halloween. Jennifer Fraser

M4 LOVED playing with this and making monsters. Got him very excited for Halloween! This was a really fun activity that required very little prep. My kids (M4 & M7) enjoyed the sparkly stickers and are eager to use the pages as halloween decorations! Melissa Hunt

It's a great activity for kids to do independently. My son wasn't quite as enthusiastic about this one as he has been in the past for other sticky mosaics, but I think that's because this one was a little easy for him (he's almost 7). It's probably better for a 4-5 year old. That said, it kept him occupied for almost 2 hours (on two different days) to complete all three of the monsters. That makes it worthwhile for me! Wendy Krakowski

My son (nearly 7) was very enthusiastic to open and start this craft. He really enjoyed working on this kit. We would do the work in little bits, when there was time. It is easy to start up from where you left off. He really looked forward to being able to work with it. Ruth Burany

Manufacturer's Description

These Sparkling Mosaics are the brightest ones yet. Follow a numbered legend to peel and stick extra sparkling jewels. Create 3 unique pictures to hang and display. The Sticky Mosaics® Sparkling Line also includes these other themes (sold separately): Unicorns, Fairies, Princess, Kittens, Mermaids and Puppies.

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