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Klutz Personalized Friendship Bracelets

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At first I had a hard time - I really didn't want to start it becasue I thought I would not be able to complete it.  I did manage with the help of my mom.  We worked through my first bracelet but I could really do it alone. I think just getting started with her helped.  I like how they spend time teaching you the "knot Basics" and then you can start with "starter stripe bracelet". My first bracelet was yellow and blue.  It looked really good. Camilla (F11)

I found it hard to make and gave up a few times. The instrcutions were't very clear, but my mom showed me a video and I figured it out. I finished my bracelet, it had a few errors on it but it wasn't too bad.  I liked the design I made and I like having a bracelet iwth my name on it, but I am really glad my name only has 3 letters. Mia (F13)

I really like to own a bracelet with my own name on it that I made. It takes a lot of time at first to figure out how to make the patters and knots. I found that the [online] video is the most helpful. Once you practice on the practice bracelet, and if you don't give up, you can make really nice pieces with your BFF"s names or little patterns. But it takes a long time. The written instructions are not the greatest. You should watch the video right away otherwise you may just give up... Lydia (F10)


Not my daughter's (11) favourite toy because it takes a long time to complete, but it really does interest her. The pictures really entice you to make something special. Love the detail in the instructions and the colours used in the book to help you follow along - the different fonts and the colour of print the author used helped to make reading the instructions easy. The ruler on the side of the book is cleverly incorporated in the product. At first it was difficult to figure out the knots and my daughter was never quite sure how tight to pull the strings, but that comes with practice and she is getting the hang of it. She likes wearing all kinds of bracelets so this is just up her alley, but when she starts a bracelet she's anxious to finish to see her completed piece of art - making one of these bracelets has taken her a few days to finish.  Her designs are simple - just boxes. Name writing seems a bit to challenging for her right now, but I don't doubt she will try it soon. Right now she is very proud of her first creation and admires her bracelet alot, after all she created this gem!! Orietta Miranda

Nice activity book, it contains a lot of different colors of string and ideas. The notch on top of the book makes it convient to hold the strings. Mia (F13) does not have a lot of patience and she ended up giving up on her project after making too many errors. I tried to help her was unable to understand the instructions either. I found a video on line that explained how to make the knots and it was quite simple after that. Marie-Lise Hache

My child (F10) loves any type of crafts and if she can personalize them, she loves them even better. I liked the fact that it has those easy to follow punch out templates. But once my child made bracelets for herself and 2 other friends they stopped. The craft was picked up a couple of times afterwards but the results were not as fantastic as the original ones, and when the craft did not come out as desired, play was abandoned. Marta Wisniewski

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