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Cost Value 8
Design 9
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Parent Appeal 9
Educational Value 9
Safety 10

Three Little Piggies

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Editor's Review

A great set to introduce preschoolers to logic puzzles. Our testers loved how the piggies fit in the houses and can peek out the windows. The puzzle components are outstanding - attractive, sturdy and well designed to inspire both puzzle solving as well as some imaginative play. In fact, one parent commented that her child was easily distracted when the puzzles were too hard, and just wanted to use the houses and figurines for imaginative play - but that's a good way to keep the child interested in the toy until they are ready to solve the puzzles. We love that there's an easier set of challenges (piggies are outside playing when there's no wolf around) to work through before tackling more difficult challenge of making sure the piggies all 'safely' inside their houses, while keeping the wolf out. The increasing difficultly helps kids get the hang of the easier puzzles, before tackling more difficult challenges and the familiar theme helps make the puzzling concept easier because it...

Tester Reviews


I like the nighttime puzzles best. I liked how the pigs fit in the houses and I liked how the pigs peek out the windows. I also liked that you have to use all the houses in each puzzle. I liked trying to keep the pigs safe from the wolf the best. I would pretend the wolf was trying to eat the pigs but I would save them. The puzzles were easy but fun for me. Autumn (F6)

I like the little pigs and little houses - you can actually put the pigs inside the house and its fun.  It's a lot of fun to match the pictures in the book.  It gets harder after a few pages. Samantha (F5)

I liked finding the shapes that fit over the piggies! It was fun to play, but sometimes hard. Sam (M4)

It's fun but too easy for me. Good for younger kids! I like that I can help Sammy F5 with it. I like the design of the houses and how they made the wolf taller so he does not get the piggies. I like that you are able to fit the piggies under the houses but not the wolf might eat them! Maja (F7)

I like that there were daytime and nighttime puzzles. It was fun to do but not too challenging for me. It was fun to try to see how fast I could finish all the puzzles. Kyle (M9)

I like the piggies! Debra (F4)


I was impressed with this game. It was fun not just for my own kids but their friends that came over as well. My 9 year old and his friend liked to see they could finish the puzzles as a challenge. My 6 year old and her friend liked to do the puzzles but also play pretend with the pieces to try and keep the pigs safe from the wolf. My daughter really enjoyed this game and spent hours focusing on the puzzles and going through them on her own besides playing with her friend. Neither kid had any interest in the story book but that component seemed designed for younger kids. Allison Munro

My children (F3 F5 F7) were immediately attracted to the figures (3 little pigs and a wolf) and the 3 houses.  F5 and F7 understood the rules of the game and how to use the pieces. Sturdy gameboard and game pieces are easy enough for little hands to handle. Also comes with a wordless storybook so that you can retell the story of the 3 Little Pigs. There are two versions of the game - one version requires you to hide the pigs while the other version requires you to place the houses around the pigs. The challenge gets more difficult. F5 was unable to complete all the challenges, while F7 found it was too easy. F3 was not interested in playing the game but was happy to just play with the game pieces on or off the gameboard. I like that all the game pieces fit into the box so it's easy to store between play sessions, and that it came with a wordless storybook so the reader tells the story in their own words and language. if you have to choose between this and the Little Red Riding Hood versions, The Three Little Piggies is a better toy to start with. It is a little easier and younger children can start playing with it. Once the children have learned how to play with The Three Little Piggies, then Little Red Riding Hood is a nice follow-up because the rules are similar but more challenging.  However, I do not feel it is absolutely necessary to purchase Little Red Riding Hood if you already have The Three Little Piggies. If your children are older, then it would be fine to just have Little Red Riding Hood. Sandra Wong

I really enjoyed playing this puzzle game with my husband, and our 7 and 4 year old sons. It was fun for us to take turns doing a puzzle or to each take one house to place on the game board at a time. There was much teamwork and celebrating when we were done. The other nice thing about this is that it could be a solo game, or could just be used to play an imaginative game. Some of the puzzles were hard, but having the answers on the next page made it less frustrating. My 7 year old loved saying that he solved an advanced level puzzle etc... My 4 year old loved it too, but many of the puzzle configurations were a bit tough for him. We also played with my 4 year old nephew and my 4 year old son. With two 4 year olds the play session was a bit more difficult. They were easily distracted from the puzzles when they were too hard, and at some point they just wanted to use the houses and figurines for imaginative play - though there is nothing wrong with that! The story book was just pictures, which was a bit hard for me, given I'm not very imaginative when it comes to stories, but that was the only thing I didn't love. Melissa Hunt

I thought this game was very cute, well made, with good play value. My 4-year-old daughter and 8-year-old daughter enjoyed it and were eager to play when it when I offered it to them. My 4-year-old daughter enjoyed acting out the story of the three little pigs and hiding them under the houses. The puzzle challenges kept her attention but I do need to assist her to set them up and complete them. You can still see her brain trying to figure it out! Ronja Soroka

Manufacturer's Description

Can you help these three smart pigs build their houses? Can you set them up so that the pigs can play outside? If you spot the wolf can you help the pigs stay safe inside their houses? Smart Little Piggies is a perfect brain game for young children. It features 3 big puzzle pieces that are easy to hold, and kids will be intrigued by the way the pigs fit inside the houses and look through the windows. The game includes a story book with images and booklet with 48 challenges (24 with the wolf and 24 without).

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