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Klutz Smash Bot Battles

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The robots were not too hard to build and I like that they move really fast. I like all the different choices of robots, The sweeper robot was my favorite. I liked to crash them into each other and into the buildings. It was fun when they jumped and I liked building them. I wish there were even more robots and that the motors would attach easier as we had to use tape. The jumps work well and it was fun to build the city and then knock it over. Kyle (M9)

Super easy to do. I really liked to make my own robots, I like to chose different ones to fight against each other, I put up the building to be knocked over. My favorite is the shark, it looks wicked! and it functions well. We did an arena for the robots and got them to hit each other, the one that stays up wins! With the city, I had a competition with Clark (m 16) which robot toppled the more bowling. They still look good after those fights. Kai (M12)

You get to build [paper] robots and it is really fun to smash them and to smash the cities. It is like an art robot kit that comes to life and you can play with more than one time. There are different robots and a lot of them are strong and stronger than others. The strongest robots always win against the weak ones. The instructions are easy to follow and the book is cool. The robots are colourful with lots of details. But there are only two wheeled bases. There should be more so more than two robots can battle it out at the same time. Tiago (M8)

It was fun to chose the robot I wanted. There are many options. The glue doesn't work really well, it would be better with do it with double sided sticky tape. I had never done an activity like this before but the instructions were simple and I was surprised how much fun and creative it was. Clark (M16)

I like this toy.  I built one of the 8 robots. It took me about 45 minutes to make the demolator.  I followed the instructions in the book and it was okay.  I didn't ask my dad for much help.  I think the tricky part was making sure I folded things properly and neatly.  The robot was neat to put on the motor.  I liked doing this kind of work. Andrew (M9)

I like that you can make stuff out of paper. The buildings were really fun to make. My favorite robot is the shark because I like animals. It was fun to crash the robots into the buildings. The robots move really fast. The shark was a little bit hard to make but not too bad. Autumn (F6)


This is a great craft kit. My kids F6 and M9 had a lot of fun putting the buildings and robots together and then having the robots smash the buildings. They assembled every robot and building available in the kit and showed this off to their friends. The buildings were really fun to build and looked great. There were a variety of different robots to choose from and they weren't too difficult to put together. We did use tape rather then the glue to put them together and the tape worked great. We liked setting up different city setups for the robots to smash into. It's a neat idea, too, that you can switch out the accessories on the robots with each other. This would be a great toy to bring on a trip as it comes with everything you need and it's fun and easy to put together. Once assembled, the buildings and robots do take up space and the kids lost interest in playing. Allison Munro

A great set that kept my son (8) busy and engaged for quite a few play sessions. He couldn't wait to start building robots and it kept him busy and focused for a full hour while he built his first robots. The robots are easy enough to assemble yet complex and detailed enough that they still capture his interest. The glue didn't always work so he would often use tape to secure the pieces. The paper is strong and up for the test of battles with other paper robots, although my son ripped a couple parts of one the robots when trying to remove it from the template in the book. For the most part he was able to do everything himself, although there were a couple folds and putting the wheeled base on did require some assistance. The wheeling bases are cool features. I get why there are only two for the battles, but it would be great if there were enough for all the robots. Really cool designs of robots and cities, which are made of paper - but the paper is strong and sturdy. The paper pieces are easy to remove from the book. But storing assembled ppaper robots and buildings takes up space on a shelf or table so they aren't crushed. I like that my son likes this activity and that it keeps him busy and quiet. A great craft kit for tween boys that turns into a fighting robot game. The illustrations are really well done and my son (8) is enjoying building the super cool different robots and buildings and then attaching a base to let them battle it out. My 5 year old daughter had zero interest but my son's friends of similar ages were very engaged especially when played together. Susan Chaves

Kai (11) loves robots, he enjoyed making his very own robot and playing 'bowling' with the paper buildings. He would aim his robot and try to take out as many buildings as he could. He liked that he could make a few robots and just change the motor easily between them to make them go. The glue that came with the kit was not the best and he ended up using double sided sticky tape and the structures were more secure and made it much easier to assemble. Marie-Lise Hache

It was a good, challenging activity for my son (M9) because he had to work on getting the sides folded properly and making sure he didn't do things quickly so that it looks neat. I really like the book format that klutz has for this toy. I like the colourful details in the instructions - it is very step by step.  The paper cutouts are easy to take out of the book. Time is something necessary.  I like that my son is working on building and using his imagination in imaginative play like this toy offers. This is a great little toy to do on rainy days or take with you on long drives - everything is in the box and it will keep any boy busy building and being creative. And, you won't need a computer!! Orietta Miranda

Manufacturer's Description

Get ready to smash, crash, and bash! Smash Bots are no ordinary paper robots. Build 8 action‑packed, 3‑D paper craft robots that zoom on pullback motors. Then create an entire city and prepare yourself for ultimate mayhem. Topple skyscrapers and wreck bridges in an epic battle between good and evil.

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