Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 10
Cost Value 8
Design 8
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 8

Klutz Coloring Crush

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MSRP:$21.99 ca
$16.99 us
Editor's Review

Our play testers loved that this colouring book is designed for older kids who still like to colour.  With its smaller detailing, it takes a bit longer and more care to colour, but offers a much more intricate and colour-filled result. Lots of great designs to pick from, and extra thick paper make this a very popular way to spent a bit of relaxing time. 

Tester Reviews


I like drawing and coloring, the pictures are interesting and have nice designs. I like markers and the colors didn't bleed through so the pages are a good quality. Genevieve (F16)

The patters are so weird and complicated I just loved it. The coloring book is great. It has so many designs and they are all so intricate. I love the double sided crayons! I wish there was a silver and gold crayon. No colours bled thru and the paper is so thick and nice you can make it as a card for someone. It takes along time to finish a page which is great because it is like doing one of those "adults" colouring books. It is a nice portable book I can easily pack and take with me to the camp or my cottage. Lydia (F10)

This colouring book is great because it has a lot of nice pictures. The crayons are really pretty colours and I like that they're double ended because it saves space and you don't have to change crayons so often. When I share with my sister it makes it easier because I don't have to wait for another colour because I always have two on my crayon. It's just like my mom's colouring book. It takes a really long time to colour one picture but I like it because it's so full of colour and it's for older kids who still like to colour. It's fun to have a colouring book for older kids, like the pictures don't have huge spaces to colour in, they're smaller and you have to take your time and the book takes forever to finish so I'll have it for a long time. It even has a spot to keep the crayons together, so that helps to not lose any. Ava (F8)

It's fun because it has little spaces and it takes long to colour. All of the crayons have cool names. I like to try to mix the colours. I tried raspberry slush which is blue and pink and it made a really nice colour. Carleigh (F6)

I like that the pictures are not just for girls. There is an empty sheet that I used to draw on. It's supposed to be postcards, oh well, I like to draw my own picutres on the paper. I like that there are different ways to add my own design on the pages. Kai (M11)


Everything is just so well done. The book is made using high quality - nice and thick, and crayons colours are bright. It's nicely packaged, not too big, has a separate space for the two-colour crayons and lots of intricate and imaginative pictures to colour. My daughter (10) jumped on this one and coloured the camera the first evening we had it, and the next morning followed her work with so