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Klutz Color-In stained Glass

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Age:8-12 years
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I liked the many different designs and that you basically have two sets of every design.  They were fun designs and the stained glass designs work on the window really well. I like it better than my regular (mandela) colouring books because you can use it like a colouring book and also make beautiful designs.  I like that the book gives you interesting suggestions (putting the design on a lampshade - which actually looks really cool).  And, it comes with markers too. Meaghan (F10)

I love how cool it looks hanging in the window because the colours shine through really nice. It's fun to colour with the thick lines in between. It's fun that you can put the coloured papers on lamps or lights. You can even put them on the car window. The markers are good because you can tilt them to colour big areas and then hold them straight to do small areas. It's not just colouring in a colouring book. Well, some pages are just like a colouring book, and you can try different colours using regular crayons or markers and then you can do a final copy on the stained glass page to make it look even better with the markers. But sometimes I didn't want to colour both pages, so I think I would rather have all the pages be stained glass pages. It's easy to share this colouring book with my sister (6) because we can take turns colouring the regular page and the stained glass page. The pictures are really cool. Ava (F8)

I liked all the different types of pictures and that there was a rough copy and a good copy for each one. There was a practice drawing and the stained glass pictures came with their own special markers that worked really well. The pictures were fun to colour and the stained glass pictures looked shiny in the window. We posted the pictures in the window and the sun shines through it works really well. Kyle (M9)

I really like that there are two of the same pictures, one is on normal paper and the other is to go on the window, so you can choose which one to do, I decided to do a practice run. I did the paper one first then did the stainglass one with a few different colors I though would look better. It's fun to have a do-over. The colors are very bright and look great. Mia (F13)

I like that you can put your pictures in the sun and that you can see though them. They look shiny in the window. I like the marker colors. I like the pictures with the animals the best. Even though the craft says for ages 8 and up, I found the craft easy to do. Autumn (F6)


This has been one of my favorite crafts that we have toy tested. There was a large variety of great looking pictures and the end results looked great. I also loved that each picture has two versions: a regular paper version (that you can either use as a test picture or use pencil crayons or other mediums to colour them in) - and a stained glass version. Both kids, M9 and F6 loved this. The pictures are beautiful and fun to colour and the markers work great. They look great and each picture didn't take too long to complete. I would definitely consider giving this as a birthday present. This toy also kept their interest and they were happy to keep going back to it. The markers worked great and I have some of the finished products in my windows to admire - the sun lights them up really nicely. Although the craft says for ages 8-12, my 6 yr old daughter and 9 yr old son both love the craft. Allison Munro

It's just as relaxing as the adult coloring books, I can try to be Zen on my picture and Mia (13) can do what she wants on her page. I like looking at the pictures that we put up on the window and I remember the nice memory that comes with it. There are a lot of sheets to color and more than enough to share. The marker colors are bright and when you put the 'stained-glass' paper on the window the light streams well and the effect is quite nice. Marie-Lise Hache

The craft book is a change from the every day colouring the girls (F8 and F6) are used to doing. They love that this set has bright markers included and fun, modern pictures for them to colour. I would like to see the pages be perforated for easy removal. The girls enjoy the interesting tidbits on the sides of the pages. I'm not sure that one child would want to colour in two of the same pictures but it works well with siblings. The girls made a game of it. One would colour one side and the other would copy the colours after. Then they would take turns doing the "BORING" page and the stained glass page. The pages have thick black lines so if they do happen to go out of the lines it doesn't really show. The pages look great hanging in the windows. The paper quality is excellent, as are the markers and when they were in an artsy mood, the girls chose this over all other colouring books in the house.Tammy Wiseman

Each design comes with 2 copies of each design - one on regular paper and one on stained glass paper so kids can practice their design and then execute it on the stained glass paper. It comes with many different designs that span different themes which are fun and interesting. The colours work well and the end product looks quite lovely on a window. However, the boredom factor did set in after a few designs. Kim Moennick

Manufacturer's Description

Let the sun shine in with this sensational repackage of Paper Stained Glass! Color-in Stained Glass takes coloring suncatchers to radiant new heights. 18 boldly outlined designs printed on translucent paper are waiting to be brought to life. Whether you'd like to practice first on the coloring pages before drawing on the vellum, or display two radically different designs, the future looks bright.

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