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Klutz My Fashion Portfolio

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Age:8-12 years
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I love the designs! There are so many of them!!! I get to dress up the girls in whatever patterns and colours I want! I like that you don't have to cut the exact size of paper out, because you put it behind, and it comes through the hole and you can see it takes just the right shape! Usually fashion design toys make you draw clothes or cut and glue them on, but this one is great because you don't have to be perfect at cutting them and in the end, your designs look perfect anyways! And I've never seen good paper and patterns like this with my other fashion design books. But It would be nice to dress up kids too, not just women. It's fun to match the outfits, like I get to show Carleigh F6 how to match up colours and patterns so she will know how to pick out her clothes for school. Ava (F8)

I really like this Klutz book because I get to be a designer and the clothes I make for the people in the book are awesome. They give you ideas of what papers I can use at the side of the person and then the designer (me) can chose what ever I want. I can get so creative and funky. Camilla (F11)

This fashion decorating set is exciting -- REALLy exciting! I love all the colours, and there is lots of pink to choose from. I thought it was going to be boring and easy to do, but I love working with scissors and tape to make the outfits. I love fancy thing and there is tons of fancy outfits! Every time I used the fashion portfolio I got more and more fantastic ideas! I thought of different places they could be going and the clothing they would be wearing there. When the girl cut outs in the book are wearing pants, I like cutting the cut out to that they were wearing a skirt. I liked pretending the different cut outs were friends and sisters. Rachel (F8)

The book gives lots of ideas how to make the outfits more fancy. I like that you don't stick anything, so you can switch things around and make different outfits. The drawings are like sketches and there are lots of ideas on the side of the pages. I brought this with me to sewing camp, it gave me lots of ideas for my sketch book. The paper is pretty and fun, but isn't strong- it ripped on the side. Zahra (F8)

I liked designing outfits and I liked using the double-sided tape. I liked picking the different material. Miriam (F7)


The girls f8 and f6 never lost interest in this craft and play never dwindled! As each fashion design is different, they liked trying all the different combinations. We had one girl cutting and the other choosing the design and sticking the pattern on the page. It worked out well and they took turns. There is a large variety of design papers and the creations are easy to design. They used this craft until they ran out of design paper! And that took weeks! Ava's (F8) dream is to become a fashion designer, so this craft was right up her alley. The book had so many different patterns to use, and they were bright and "in style". The girls F8 and F6 loved trying all the different combinations on the ladies in the book. At first, they thought they would need help measuring their cuts, but they quickly learned that they could just guesstimate the size and the paper would fit in the space and make the clothing look just as intended. Tammy Wiseman

This crafting activity is fantastic! I handed it to my girls (8 & 7) and didn't hear from them for hours. They haven't been this excited about a game in a long time. They raced home every day to play with this toy and make their outfits. They love looking at the large selection of "fabrics." They can make as many outfits as they like per cut out so there is no fighting about who will use which cut-out. They were proud of what they created and enjoyed the process. Ronja Soroka

Nice version of paper dolls. Everything was in the package so my daughter (11) could sit down at her desk and just concentrate on designing clothing. I like the little stories on the side that allow you to make up stories and add details to encourage more imagination. She liked the cool designs on the paper and put together different patterns to make outfits. It's not necessary to to cut outfits out - just paste the paper behind the cut out sillouette. My daughter spent a lot of quality time completing the first two or three images, but then got bored with the concept. I think its because she is a very creative person and this activity was a bit limiting for her. She prefers the uniquesness of other klutz products. Orietta Miranada

This craft kit was a nice introduction to simple fashion mix and match patterns. It's a simple fashion cut out book with fancy papers. The best part are the ideas in the margins - example- how to add fringe with scissors etc. Our daughter Zahra (F8) had fun with the patterned paper and the fashion cut outs and she took it to sewing camp. She liked the pretty papers with sparkles, but the majority of the paper was simple small patterns. The cut outs gave ideas for tops and bottoms, hats and shoes. It kept her busy and occupied for a half hour or so, but she needed reminders to try it again. I think once she tried the patterned paper in different combinations it got less enticing. I tried to show her that other patterned scrapbook paper worked as well. No difficulties following the  directions. She learned a lot of fashion vocabulary from this book. The plastic sleeve at the back ripped quickly- it's like the thickness of a greeting card plastic see through sleeve and the paper kept falling out. A sturdy cardboard pocket would have been better. I really liked the sketch type illustrations in the book. It gives he book a real crafty, down to earth feel. Fashion scenes are a watercolor type look and outfits aren't too skimpy. Zahra enjoyed having this book to help her design fashions. She experimented with fabrics, patterned paper and even facial tissue  to make new outfits. She was proud to think outside the box and beyond the original scope of the kit! Lisa Gohm

Manufacturer's Description

Swatch and Style with Fashion Templates and 100+ Patterns. Designing your dream fashion collection has never been easier! Unleash your inner designer by creating more than 40 unique looks, styled your way. Simply choose your model, pick your swatches, and cut and tape them under the cutout illustration to create one-of-a-kind outfits. Includes fancy formal dresses, beach-ready bikinis, and super-sweet street-style looks — from your hat right down to your shoes. With more than 100 cool and quirky prints to choose from, countless ideas, and lots of inspiration, you’ll be a quick snip away from your very own fashion show.

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