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Klutz Sew Mini Treats

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Warning: Contains functional sharp points. Needles can puncture skin if not used properly. Handle with care. Not suitable for children under 10 years.
Early Impressions

These mini 'bite-sized' projects are super quick to complete, so kids can feel the pride and satisfaction of of completing their projects over and over again. Book includes supplies, cutting templates and easy-to-follow instructions to make eighteen cute little food plushies.

Tester Reviews


Mini treats start as 6' cute but looks complicated Now it's a 9 the instructions are really simple, apart from how to make knots, it's fun,it's cute and it takes a moderate amount of time but not too much and the results are adorable. Genevieve (F16)

I love arts and crafts and this one turned out exactly how it was shown on the box. The instructions were very easy to follow and clear. The fuzzy bits turned out exactly as they were shown. It is definitely one of the best of Klutz for sewing projects. Some of my items were smaller or bigger then anticipated but they all turned out great. I spent most of a day making 5 of them at first. I like that you can use your own pieces of fabrics to create additional fruits and veggies using their technique and your imagination. Lydia (F10)

Woah my sister is good at sewing! At first I didn't really want to make the craft, it looked too complicated, but I did it at the sane time as Genevieve ( 16) and it was really easy. I looked at the pictures and the mini treats are so cute that I wanted to start right away! Oh no! I forgot to put sprinkles on my donut, it was almost done... I only had to put the stuffing inside... it's kinda hard to sow spinkles after the back of the donut was on, but that just means my stitches were tight! I really like it when I see my cat play with the sew minis I made for her. I mean really ..I made that! I took pictures of her sleeping with them, it's all so cute! Mia (F13)

I really like this because I like the little pillows you can create. I like the book that it comes with because there are great pictures. Some of the instructions are a bit complicated to do by myself and I need to ask my mom how to tie the string and stuff. When I get that, it gets easier to do. The food look really cute when they are finished. The first treat I worked on was the donut. So cute!! I like this type of craft because I am really creative and I like to make things and this is perfect for me. Camilla (F11)

It's interesting to sew the treats you can play with. I like all the different selections of treats you can make and it wasn't just desserts, there were fruits and vegetables. The instructions were clear so they're easy to make and I like that the kit came with shapes to trace so you didn't have to make your own. The treats look really cool when they are done and they went together well. This was my first time using a needle and it wasn't too hard. I just had a bit of trouble tying knots in the thread. Other than some help with tying knots I was able to finish a cookie by myself. It comes with all the supplies you need and there were lots so you wouldn't run out. Kyle (M almost 10) 

I love the mini treats! They are fun to play with and you can pick out the colors and the kind of face you want on it, like winking or with eyelashes. I cut out the material, prepare the threads and do the stuffing. My mom does the sewing for me. The treats are really cute and I like picking which one to do next. I want to make all of them.  I love this kit! Autumn (F6)


My daughter loves this type of craft. She had completed a bunch of them at once. The instructions were clear and she didn't need any help figuring out the completion of the food pieces. The product looked exactly as it was shown on the pictures. You can use your own fabric to create more food, which is what Lydia did for her American doll party:-) Safety Notes: Careful with the needle. MArta Wisniewski

My daughters (13, 16) absolutely loved this craft. I knew Genevieve (16) would it's right up her alley, but Mia (13) has no patience for sewing and felt it looked to complicated. Then she looked at the pictures and was very motivbated to start. Within a few days she completed 4 of the designs, and much to her surprise she ended up doing 5 of them! I really liked that Mia learned to love to sew. Mini treats opened up a whole new world of craftng for her. Lise Hache

This craft is fantastic and certainly one of our best toys this year - fun for both adults and kids to make. Every little bit was DIY on these, down to even the sprinkles on the donuts. Outstanding clear and successful instructions and really interesting to create. The DIY aspect really motivated our kids (M9 & F6) to want to make more of these mini treats. Very wide range of different ages can partipate in different parts of making the treats. Our M9 had never sewed so it was a great teaching opportunity in a fun atmosphere. Younger kids, like our F6, can help cut the shapes and even suggest customized ideas to make changes to the final design. Each project is a nice length which you can complete in one sitting. And the craft has great longevity as you can get extra supplies at any craft store. The final product is very cute and fun for younger kids to play pretend with. Our F6 even gave one as a present to her teacher. There will definitely be more of these mini treats created at my house. Highly recommend this as a gift or to take home for your own family. Scott Bruce

My Daughter (11) is not a sewer, so this is not an activity that she is use to doing. But she learned on her own how to stitch her cute little fruits and took a liking to sewing and really put thought and effort into the projects - another medium that she used to show her creativity.  My daughter was very careful cutting out the shapes and then was careful to sew her treats together after stuffing them. They are like mini pillows that look so cute when put together in a little box. It does take a while to complete one of the fruits so if she didn't have enough time to work on the project she didn't start it, although you can take a little box to put all the pieces in if you don't finish your item right away. You need to cut the pieces out yourself but you do have the tracers that help you out so have a good guiding point. I like all the felt pieces that the klutz package comes with - everything you need is in the box and the instructions are easy to follow. The different treats you can make are interesting like the lime, bacon, donut, etc. and they gave you a good number of examples - then you could be creative and make your own. My daughter loved it..a bit of perfectionist when she cut out the shapes and her sewing skills were great considering it really was her first time. You don't need to be an expert to succeed but the task of sewing is a bit finiky so you really need to be 10 plus and good with fine motor skills. When my daughter has enough time on her hands she will sit on the floor while watching tv and concentrate on her creative task of sewing and cutting. It is really nice to watch her do a task that I myself never really enjoyed when my mother tried to teach it to me - a lost art and my daughter enjoys doing it. I was impressed! Orietta Miranda

We were very excited to test this craft. My son (9) likes weaving and crafts and he was really excited to try and make a little stuffed food by himself. My daughter (6) loves stuffed animals and she thought the food looked so cute that she couldn't wait to get started. I did the sewing part for my daughter but she was able to do all the rest by herself. Other then my son needing some help tying knots, he was able to complete the craft by himself with only a bit of help tying knots. That's pretty good for his first time using a needle. The results look great - sometimes with a craft the end result does not look like the pictures but these looked great. I liked that there were lots of suggestions for different choices with the eyes, smiles, leaf decorations, how to out on sprinkles, etc, so that you can make the stuffed food look just the way you want. My daughter loves playing with the food, too, when it's finished. We're excited to make more of these - the kids have said they want to make all the treats in the book. Allison Munro

Madeline (F10) seems to be finding it a bit difficult to manoveur the smaller pieces. Julie Jolicoeur

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Stitch and stuff your favorite pretend