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Klutz Marker Everything

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Tester Reviews


I like the markers that came with the book and some of the ideas were very creative and good but I didn't really use this craft very much because of all the materials I had to get. So I didn't really like that it didn't come with anything to actually "marker" on, because you are really just paying for ideas.  Some of these ideas are good, but we didn't have the materials in the house and had to make different trips to the store (ie. a cell phone case from the dollar store, plain white mug, fish bowl etc).  Most toys come with some supplies that you would use (besides the markers).  The punch out figures that came with it were not very good, they were not interesting. Meaghan (F10)

I like the rainbow markers the best. There are lots of examples to copy in the book. They show the design and I can copy it. I tried to make Marker Max but it was hard. I had to get moms help and it still didn't work. I got frustrated. I brought this to camp for free time and my friends and I doodled on our Ziploc bags at lunch and we drew bugs. It was funny. Zahra (F8)