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Klutz Shimmer Art

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SAFETY NOTE: The push pins have functional sharp points that can prick skin.
Tester Reviews


I like the different patterns and the shimmering bits displayed on a cool black backgrounds. The pictures are 3D and you can hang them on your wall or your school locker and they look really neat. My favourite shape was the owl (because they are smart) and rainbow (because they make me happy). I needed help with the owl. It was difficult to complete by myself so my mum helped me.  We had some issue with the pins and my mum had to help me. The pins hurt my fingers and I poked myself several times, so I got to use the thumbnail. It wasn't an easy task but I love arts and crafts so I wanted to finish at least one. The pin tool is difficult to use. I went back to it to finish another pattern, the unicorn, but it didn't look as good as the owl. I am used to using glue and this was my first time making special holes with the tool provided to create shimmering art. It wasn't the easiest to make to openings with the tool provided, but it was different and neat. It took some time getting used to it, but over all it was fun. I always like the Klutz book/boxes because they allow me to bring all this stuff to my friends houses without loosing the pieces. It is easy to pack and you dont have to worry about bags and stuff. I like illustrated instructions as well. Lydia (F11)

I like that the pictures were not all girly ones. I tried to make a peace sign and it wasn't very fun to do, it's hard to work with needle. Kai (M11)


This was a really great 3D art activity set. My daughter worked diligently and independently completing many of the beautiful pictures. Her favourite was the rainbow picture she made! so pretty are these works of art that we keep them displayed in our living room. we get so many comments from visitors at the beautiful art pieces! I like all the supplies that came with it. The black cardboard was sturdy enough to keep as a stand and stable enough to support all the pins and circles that stuck on it. I don't think the pictures does the activity justice. The little instruction tips that is provided is very helpful to be successful in the outcome of the art piece. The art comes out way better than what is looks like on the cover of the Klutz box. It is not only a child's toy. I loved playing with it and helping my daughter put the pins in the appropriate places and find the right circle to add to the picture. Orietta Miranda

3D art that shimmers with twelve dazzling projects and hundreds sequins. We completed an owl. After a streak of difficulties with the pins my daughter did not want to finish the first template and required additional help and thumb protection. It wasn't an easy task but we were determined as my daughter (10) loves arts and crafts. The pin tool is quite challenging to use and we had to use a thumbnail. It took a long time to finish the owl however the result was quite impressive. Perhaps with a bit more practice my kid can get better. The toy presented a bit of a practical challenge, but I hope my daughter goes back to it to finish another pattern. Marta Wisnieski

It's an OK craft. I thought it would be more of a hit with the kids (M11, F13, F16) and I was surprised it wasn't. The instructions are easy enough. Kai (M12) started a peace sign and gave up after he picked himself with a needle a few times. I finished his picture and even using the tool my thumb was very