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Make Your Own Light-Up Water Globe

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Our testers loved watching their coloured Shrinky Dink creations shrinking in the oven, and besides the usual thrill of a water globe, the fact that this light-up version also makes a great night light puts this kit on a level of supercraft - especially with all the exciting, kid-pleasing details like lots of glitter/sequins and the gem that goes in the center of the globe. As well, the kit provides a plastic dome which not only looks more like a real water globe, but is more light-weight and kid-friendly than a recycled jar version of the craft. Unfortunately there's a 'but'. The seal keeping the water inside the globe is not as secure as parents would like. It's just a ring of Plasticine that you press the dome into - there's not even a threaded screw-like connection to hold it in place. Using enough Plasticine, and with minimal handling the globes didn't leak, but worry over the inferior quality of the seal dampened our tester's enjoyment of the final product. For the most part...

Tester Reviews


I liked that you get to design your and make your own scene, and the globe lights up which is cool. I liked colouring. I wish it had more people shapes, but it was still pretty good. I do think that there should be more coloured pencils in this craft - they just give the basic colours. The baking and shrinking part is really cool too. I liked putting the globe together with the base - the clay, and shapes and making the scene was really fun. I was nervous putting the water in and the base on because I was worried it would leak. So I think that they should make it water proof. My globe looks really great but I don't shake it up or anything, so I wish I could do that because when you think of a globe, you think of shaking it up and watching the sparkles. Meaghan (F10)

I had never seen shrinky dinks before and it was really cool watching them in the oven.  I like the gem in the middle that caused the light to shine around and that we made a unique theme and worked together. There were a lot of things to do. I was sad when it was all done. The whole craft was fun except the water part.  It was hard to get the globe on right so water didn't come out and we have to be careful with it so it doesn't leak. My parents won't let me put it on my shelf because it says it might leak. Jason (M8)

I've never made a snow globe before. I liked that the box had lots of different ideas of what you could draw on the shrinky dinks. I picked the camping with animals since I like animals best. I made me and my friend camping with animals. I liked deciding what to put in the scene then setting it up in the globe. And I liked how much the pictures shrunk -  all our pictures shrunk so much. We mixed the clay to make green so it looked like grass for our campsite. It didn't take too long to make and I liked making different colors with the clay but the starts don't work as well as I'd hoped to float around a lot. Autumn (F almost 7)

I like that it sparkles and lights up, and I enjoyed watching the shapes shrink in the oven.  I like that I had to design myself and it was fun to actually build it, but it should be easier to attach the top. David (M7)

This was a cool craft. I loved the colouring and then watching my pictures shrink. My mom helped me draw a cool rocket ship. At the end it is fun to shake the globe!! We have it in our room now. Peyton (M8)

It includes all my favourite activities: art, baking, clay and it's beautiful! All the different shapes of shrink material are so cute and watching it shrink is really cool. You don't have to put water in it if you don't want to. The light inside looks like a jewel or a moon and it's beautiful like a night sky. Rachel (F8)

I like to shake it up every day. But it's a lot of work and took a lot of patience so it should be older kids. I don't like getting messy with the clay. Maja (F7)


A build-once craft that is then enjoyed as an ornament / put on a table. I really liked the fact that it combined good-ol shrinky dinks that I enjoyed in my youth with a water-globe craft.  Children of today enjoy watching them shrink just as much!! It occupied my entire family (m8, M10, F4) for a couple of hours. Just some of the  things you'll do - choose a theme (ours was plants vs zombies), colour a bunch of shapes and watch them shrink, set up the figurines in a globe with clay, fill, shake, ooh aaah!! A good combination of a couple different crafts that was enjoyed, but needed a bit of a quality boost and a good instruction edit. Novel for us was the combination of clay, shrinky dinks and water globe in one craft.  This really created a unique experience for them which they were avid about for the hours it took to complete.  There was a little colour guide about combining colours to form new colours which was really handy and used by the kids. The inside instructions were pretty straightforward, but there were a lot of warnings and gotchas that flew over the head of my children.  Definitely some adult supervision needed. There are lots of warnings about how to move / shake / store this water globe.  One of my gripes is that the globe itself is made so cheaply that it is prone to leaking. The instructions warn not to keep the globe over anything that can be damaged by water. Unfortunately that's pretty much everything. A little more quality into the globe itself would have made a bit difference.  It took us a couple times to get the seal right, and then because of the warnings we were reticent to use it much.  Since the seal is just a press between clay and globe. Definitely a play together craft.  There are enough pieces that everyone can colour a few and watch them shrink. Mike Roy-DiClemente

This is a wonderful craft! It's different than any arts and crafts activity we've ever had before! My son (7) was very excited to get started immediately and really enjoyed every step involved. He did most of it himself. I had to do the part with the oven and connecting the globe to the base. He liked that he had to think about his own drawings to go into the globe - he had fun coming up with a theme. He especially likes the gem that goes in the centre of the globe and the fact that the whole globe lights up. It's nice that it includes lots of sparkles and sequins, plus the light. Those details really make it exciting for my 7 year old. The only issue we have with it is the way the globe connects with the base. I think it needs more than just clay. My son was way too nervous to connect it himself (he did spread the clay on the bottom of the base himself, though), so I did it for him. It leaked the first time so we added a bit more clay around the edges, and it hasn't leaked since. That said, I still feel like we need to be super careful with this globe. If it accidentally drops on the floor, I'm certain that it'll open up and sparkly water will spill out everywhere! If the globe could somehow screw into the base a little, in addition to the clay, I'd feel so much better about the attachment. But my son is so proud of the finished product - a beautiful globe that lights up! The globe is on display in my son's room. It was a great arts and crafts activity, but my son has not touched it since completing it. It is mostly sitting on a shelf, but whenever I do have a reason to move it, I'm always a little nervous that water might leak out. Wendy Krakowski

Overall, a very easy and creative DIY project. Comes with enough "tools" and the colour, bake and shrink shapes work wonderfully, as well as the extra's - glitter, confetti, gemstone, coloured pencils and sharpener make the Light Up Water Globe a complete kit. The only caveat is the numerous warnings about the potential for the Globe to leak which caused the globe to remain very stationary and not be enjoyed the way a globe usually is (ie. shaken up and watch the water and glitter float around). To indicate on the instructions that the globe works without water does not give a great deal of confidence that leakage won't occur. The creating was the best part of. The colour, bake and shrink aspect was a big hit. The creativity in being able to create the globe scene into whatever sparks the imagination was also a big hit. Ten year old Meaghan and her friend had a great time drawing and creating a winter scene. While there has been no leakage, there is the "looming" fear of this happening and for this reason we keep a towel underneath the globe and 10 year old Meaghan does not want this in her room "in case" it does leak. Kim Moennick

I thought this craft was really neat, and unlike many craft packs, you get something that is functional and fun at the end. I am not sure why they include three colours of plasticine in the box, as you need 2 or three of them to adequately cover the bottom, and if all three colours were mixed together it would make a very yucky one. I would think there should be one choice, or enough of one colour that it can fully cover the bottom. Without enough plasticine the water will leak, and we had that happen at one point, but I turned the globe upside down in a glass and put a ring of glue around the edge. Once dry, it stopped the leak and the globe has been fine since. You need to use the oven, so definitely need supervision. The boys loved it! Overall I thought it was great! Melissa Hunt

This was a successful craft. Good concept. Clear instructions. And It was a new activity for the kids, something they don't do at school or camp. The kids have never made a snow globe, and never used shrink paper that goes into the oven. My 8yo daughter who mainly worked on it really liked that it lights up so she can use it as a night light and she was impressed seeing her drawings shrink in the oven. My daughter has this by her bed every night. She calls it her "night light." We opted not top put water into the globe and avoid any risk of leakage. I liked that the instructions gave this option and made it clear that leakage could be expected. While I liked the novelty of this craft, I didn't realize how quickly the kids would complete it -  for that reason, I think the cost is a little high. The instructions don't sugar quote the quality of the product either, saying it is likely to leak, as there is no seal on the globe. The light under the base fell out instantly and we've had to tape it on. The globe looks like it wouldn't survive a drop to the floor, but it looks very cute next to their beds. Ronja Soroka

Our 10 year old assembled this craft entirely on her own, I only helped her with the oven part. I did have some concerns about the water leaking out of the globe but it has held together very well and her coloured scene is very cute! Julie Jolicoeur

F7 enjoyed using her imagination to design the scene for the water globe by drawing all the pieces needed for the scene. The drawn plastic pieces were then shrunk in the toaster oven before being assembled in clay on the base of the globe. The kit comes with precut pieces of plastic, mini coloring pencils, pencil sharpener, different colors of clay, glitter, star sequins, and tools for molding the clay. We only had to provide distilled water at the end when filling the water globe, and that is easy enough to obtain. Could use tap water but the instructions state that the water could get cloudy over time with regular tap water. Once completed, F7 displays it proudly on her dresser but rarely "plays" with it. It is a great toy because it is completely up to the child's imagination what kind of scene he or she would like to create. Once completed, everything is contained inside the water globe with no extra pieces to play with and lose. F7 had difficulty understanding the instructions which required more parental assistance than expected. Would therefore recommend it for ages 8+. It is made of plastic and would likely break or leak if it was dropped or thrown. Once completed, it does work well and has not leaked water. Plastic tools for molding clay had sharp points. Small pieces (glitter, star sequins, and small plastic pieces) could be a choking hazard. Pencil sharpener has a sharp edge. Sandra Wong

This was a very fun craft to build and it looks great now that it's done. My kids (F6 & M9) could have built it together but my daughter really wanted to build it alone.  We liked making the shrinky dinks. You can to choose the scene you make - my daughter (almost 7) had just gone on her first camping trip so she made a scene of her and her friend who went camping with us.  She loved coming up with what pictures to use to create a camping scene. The design worked as advertised and the globe isn't leaking so that's good, but I have concerns that the water might break or leak and make a giant mess...  I would feel more confident if it was a screw top design with a rubber gasket like a hose. Allison Munro

Manufacturer's Description

Accessorize your room with an array of functional, fashionable and fun projects. Personalize your space, with Color Changing Light, Beautiful Butterflies and Mosaic Jewelry Box to reflect your style to create an ambiance that's totally you.

-Color, bake, shrink and shake! Create your own water globe that lights up!

-Includes 15+ pre–cut shrink film shapes to color and shrink to fit inside your globe

-Mini colored pencils, pencil sharpener, red, yellow, blue and white clay, glitter, star sequins and tools are also enclosed to complete your water globe scene

-Globe’s cool blue light-up feature is a fantastic addition to any room. Globe measures 3 ½” w x 4” h and includes battery

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