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Plant Peace

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Our testers loved coluring this 1960s themed planter, although some found the planters raised walls meant you couldn't lay your hand flat to colour comfortably. It was also a big colouring job. Testers were grateful that you could pull the plastic liner out to continue colouring even after you'd planeted the seeds, although a few were disappointed that their colouring jobs were obscured by the planted tray. For the most part, the planting part of this kit went well. The zip-lock soil bag was a nice touch and parents were gratefull that kids could add water directly to the bag then reseal and mix the water into the soil with little mess. But its difficult to avoid a dirt mess altogether as it was tricky scooping the potting mix from the bag to the planting container and spreading it into the grooves of the design without spilling some into the open sections. Families were also not impressed by the miniature sprayer, which was cute, but too slow and too small to be practical. Better...

Tester Reviews


I like this because it is easy to put together and I like colouring the design. I loved this craft because I got to grow my very own plants. I didn't know if they would sprout at first because they didn't in the first few days. But now all of them have little leaves. I watered the soil, put the seeds in, and watched them grow really tall. I noticed that when they got tall, they would bend towards the sun! I also liked that I could colour it. Lily (F6)

It's a lot of fun and they should have an actual red marker too. There's a lot of coloring to do. It takes a lot of water to plant the seeds and that's how I got messy. Maja (F7)

IIt was fun to see how the tiny seeds would grow into bigger plants, and it's not just in a pot, it's in the shape of a peace sign. I liked to check the plant every day to see how much it grew. I didn't have to wait too long to see it sprout, just a few days! I liked colouring the bottom because the pictures were nice, and the markers had nice colours, but then the plant covered a lot of the colouring that I did. It's really hard to colour the sides of the board because it rolls and it's hard to hold and colour at the same time. The colours are pretty and bright, but the colouring on the sides faded. The scoop was good so we didn't have to put our hands right in the dirt, but we still got messy. I like the spray bottle because it's fun to spray stuff. I don't like that I had to colour the whole bottom and then the plant covered a lot of my colouring. I should only have to colour the parts where the plant doesn't grow. I wish I could plant more seeds. Or different kinds of seeds. Ava (F8)

I don't want to colour it, I just want to plant the seeds. But it will probably look better if it's coloured. Your hands get all dirty but it's fun and there's so many seeds so there's going to be lots of plants. Carleigh (F6)

I liked the garden and it was easy to put together. The seeds grew quickly and very well. Mia (F8)

This is fun! I can't wait to see how it looks when it grows. Rebecca (F7.5)


Initially when we opened the box, for some reason one of the seed packets wasn't sealed properly and they ended up everywhere. But other than that mishap, this is a good kit. The soil comes in a ziploc bag that you can add water to and then reseal to mix it properly and without mess. It comes with a tiny scoop for the child to place the soil in the plastic mold, which is both good and bad for messes (good in that the child can aim where to put the soil, but bad when they take a giant scoop which spills). Everything was easy for my daughter to do with minimal help and guidance. She also enjoyed colouring the base, although there is a lot to colour, so she didn't finish it all right away. Thankfully, the plastic mold is easy to remove to continue colouring after planting the seeds. it was pretty easy to take care of this craft/plant. The soil needed to stay very wet in order for the plants to stay alive, which required more water than the spritzer could provide, so Lily needed help caring for the plants. They were pretty hardy, though, and lasted awhile. Lily also liked that she could take the plants out and colour the base whenever she felt like it. Once the plants died, there wasn't much to do with the craft/kit anymore. It was fine while it lasted, though. Christina Beeson

F7 was very excited about this toy because she likes to color and she is interested in planting. There is a detailed design to color on the liner base which is under the planting tray. It was taking F7 a long time to color because she was being too meticulous with all the details. We eventually figured out that the planting tray would cover quite a bit of the design so she decided to only color the parts of the liner that would still be visible. Because the planting tray can be lifted off the liner at any time, F7 said she would finish coloring it at a later time. Would have preferred a slightly easier design for her to color, in order to save time. Also, would have liked a slightly smaller tray because this does take up some space to store on the counter (we could not leave it on the floor due to pets and a toddler). Great kit because it comes with everything you need (markers, potting mix, chia seeds, scoop for the potting mix, and small water mister). Once the chia seeds have sprouted, you can use the planter again for a different plant. All the pieces fit into the box until the project is completed. Instructions easy to understand. It was a little tricky for F7 to spread the potting mix into the grooves of the peace symbol on the planting tray, without spilling some into the open sections. She also had difficulty using the mister at times. Potting mix and seed did spill beyond the planting tray but we were able to clean up and wash our hands easily. Had to water the tray daily to keep the soil wet. Potting soil, chia seeds, 4 small sticker dots are a choking hazard. Sandra Wong

Our daughter (7) was so happy working on this project and enjoyed completing it. She loved every moment from start to finish -  fun to watch it grow, too. We struggled finding time to get started, but once time was set aside, the craft was completed quite quickly; within 1 hour start to finish. She enjoyed the colouring. Her twin brother also joined in the colouring and her little sister (4.5 years) is really interested and would love to colour, too. This craft is a bit messy when putting the soil in place and then the seeds and water... but it cleans up easily. Nice that EVERYTHING you need is included (other than water, which is fine). Ruth Burany

It's a great toy because it involves both crafts and gardening and it's not a craft that you do one day. You get to spend time colouring, planting and then watching it grow and trying to keep the plants alive. The girls f8 and f6 took quite a long time to colour in the designs on the board and most of that colouring is now covered up by the soil and planted seeds. They wanted to rush through the colouring to get to the planting part. The potting mix came in a huge bag which made mixing it with water quite easy to do. I found we had to add more than the instructed one cup of water to get the clumpy texture. It was more like 1.5 cups. Putting the soil inside the dish took patience with the small scoop and thin spaces. It definitely got messy with soil falling on the table and into the holes in the dish that were not supposed to have soil. There was plenty of soil and seeds and the girls enjoyed spritzing the final product with water in the spray bottle included. The plant eventually wilted and died, but did last a good few weeks at least. The toy was very fun, as the girls F8 and F6 were able to do the planting and watering by themselves and felt accomplished at being able to do so. The peace sign design was a lot more fun for them than a traditional pot would be. They really enjoyed the spray bottle and watering the plant every morning. The container can be reused with other similar types of plants or herbs. Tammy Wiseman

My 7 year old daughter was super excited about this when she looked at the box, but the actual doing of the craft was not as exciting to her. She did not like the way she had to colour within the base of the plant because the sides going up were in her way to lay her hand flat to colour properly. Also, I ended up having to put the soil in as it was very messy and had to be very precise to only get it in the correct spaces. the seeds did grow super fast and that part was fun for her to watch. The sprayer was way too slow and small (had to fill too often) so we just watered the soil like any other plant. One the seeds grew, the plant got tall quickly and you could not see the drawings/colouring from the bottom, so it was a bit of a waste. Cathy Maltais

Our 8 year old daughter assembled this craft on her own with little help from us. The only issue we have noticed is that the water mister is very tiny, but we refill it a few times. Julie Jolicoeur

Manufacturer's Description

These unique and fun crafts are for kids of all ages. Craft your own optical effects with Make Your Own Kaleidoscope and have tons of fun with Fuzzy Bead Fun. Express yourself creatively and enjoy the process as much as the end result!

-Plant a little peace and watch it grow. Your kit includes everything you need for year round gardening fun – just add water!

-Color, plant and grow! Complete set includes a planting tray, color-in liner, potting mix, scoop, chia seeds, markers and a plant mister

-Garden tray measures 10 ½” diameter x 1 ¼” h. Place it in a sunny window and watch the quick growing chia seeds sprout in 3-4 days

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