Seal of Approval
Overall 8
Play Value 8
Cost Value 8
Design 7
Quality 7
Parent Appeal 7

Plant Peace

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$21.99 us

Our testers loved coluring this 1960s themed planter, although some found the planters raised walls meant you couldn't lay your hand flat to colour comfortably. It was also a big colouring job. Testers were grateful that you could pull the plastic liner out to continue colouring even after you'd planeted the seeds, although a few were disappointed that their colouring jobs were obscured by the planted tray. For the most part, the planting part of this kit went well. The zip-lock soil bag was a nice touch and parents were gratefull that kids could add water directly to the bag then reseal and mix the water into the soil with little mess. But its difficult to avoid a dirt mess altogether as it was tricky scooping the potting mix from the bag to the planting container and spreading it into the grooves of the design without spilling some into the open sections. Families were also not impressed by the miniature sprayer, which was cute, but too slow and too small to be practical. Better to find a bigger sprayer or use a cup to water the seedlings. Despite a few complaints, out kiddi testers had fun and families were happy with this project, especially because the fast growing chia seeds made it fun to watch them grow.