Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 10
Cost Value 9
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9

Dr. Eureka

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Early Impressions

A game of quick thinking and nimble fingers. Players race simoultaneousely to transfer coloured marbles between test tubes trying to be the first to match the challenge card. It does take some puzzle-solving planning, but the real challenge is physical dexterity - moving the marbles betweenthe tubes without spilling them, but fast enough to beat your opponents. Some testers enjoyed solving the puzzles solo and at their own pace, but noted that because this is designed primarily as a dexterity race, the challenges are all fairly easy and at a consistently similar difficulty level - which was somewhat less satisfying than puzzle sets designed with increasing challenges. Best enjoyed by our teen testers.

Tester Reviews


Fun and super easy to learn but the rules are strict and you have to follow them, like if you drop a ball or you say eureka and your test tubes are not exactly like the picture, you don't get a point. I like that you can play up to 4 players or I can play alone to practice. It's fun to manipulate the testtubes to move the ball, or molicules like we call them. Sebastien (M14)

I like that it's a brainteaser, but a race at the same time - a puzzle trying to get the balls in the right way and a race trying to beat the other players. The balls are sometimes hard to pour and fall down. We played that you could still keep playing even after it falls, but you have to put the ball back where it was. Shalom (M11)

My molecules are stupid..they roll too much, I have taken chemistry at school, I am a scientist, I like to take my time, not throw balls around quickly...they fall out of the test tube, like to be precise..Oh wait, I won the game so now I love this game. Genevieve (F16)

I watched my sister and brother play first, the rules are really easy, I thought the game was really easy, but really it's not, I'm trying to get the balls in the right sequence before someone yells Eureka! Oof it's exciting Kai, it is really fun to play, you have to move those balls in the right order I thought it was really easy until I lost the first 3 did that happen? I thought I would win easily. Mia (F13)

A fun brain teaser that you play with someone and are therefore restricted by time. it is simple but really cute and you really do feel like you are working with lab material. it looks well made and it seems that the test tubes won't break even if you put them down with a bit of force as you are trying to work fast. We just got the toy and decided to try it and it was a blast. It was easy to learn and the challenges weren't too hard but you still had to think - especially when racing and trying hard not to spill or touch the balls, it is pressurising and really fun. I look forward to playing it more! Tamara (F18)

I liked that the instructions were easy to understand and that there were lots of different puzzles. I liked trying to solve the puzzles with no timer and I wish there were easy to hard challenges that you could do by yourself as a puzzle. I didn't like racing against someone else since the same person would always win. I found it hard to transfer the balls between the tubes quickly without dropping them. Kyle (M9)


My kids (F14 & F18) love it and liked the fact that not only did they get to solve the puzzle but raced to get it done first - the race of doing it fastest makes this really fun! They can do it really fast and just charge through the cards to beat each other to finish. They had a blast. All I heard coming from my girls was laughter and groans as they raced against each other to complete the card first. The game has a wide appeal, but is better for similar ages to play against each other as it takes quick processing to figure out the best way to match the picture. I like that since you shuffle the cards, you don't go from the same set up to the same next card. This keeps the patterns fresh and more challenging. The test tubes make it fun in that you have to go fast, but if you go too fast It also can cause you to spill the balls so it adds another element of fun. Joyce Shane

A really fun brainteaser toy that is a multi-player game! The kids (F15, M12, M11, M8) all had fun with this game and challenged each other. We didn't want to stop playing!! This is a lot more enjoyable playing with more than one player, but it's a great thinking game! Needs a lot of dexterity- definitely easier for the older kids to play. Rebecca Young

Best game we played in a while. The rules are simple, the games are quick, and there's good quality in the balls, the tubes and the cards and it was an even playing field between the ages of the kids (M12, F13, M14, F16). We started with whoever had 5 cards was the winner, but it quickly moved to 30 cards. Guess we didn't want the play to end. Mia (13) was just