Seal of Approval
Overall 7
Play Value 8
Cost Value 9
Design 5
Quality 7
Parent Appeal 7

Baba Yaga

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MSRP:$15.99 ca
$11.99 us

Our testers liked the idea of collecting cards to make potions and spells. There were a  variety of interesting spells to use and families liked that you could to try out different strategies to win - whether to buy owls or Baba Yagas, whether to attack or defend yourself and plan to have the lowest score at the end. But the rules weren't always clear leving some of the game playing  uncertain - like picking up a spell card just cast; or having to keep track of the status of the two discard piles; or whether when casting a cat you had to name the player before knowing whether they have the card sought - or whether you could see the cards first... But for teh most part, it was a fun. enjoyable card game.