Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 8
Play Value 9
Cost Value 8
Design 7
Quality 8
Parent Appeal 8

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Royal Sparkle Collection

In Stores
MSRP:$34.99 ca
$24.99 us
Dolls are also sold separately - $4.99 USD / $7.99 CAD
Editor's Review

Our testers loved making up stories about the dolls and liked being able to switch their dresses. The tiny accessory pieces were a big hit for adding extra detail to the outfits, although they were tiny so easily lost and a challenge to manage - sometimes needing a little parental help. While the dolls don't stand on their own, the dress does help them stay upright. 

Tester Reviews


I like playing with the dolls-they are so much fun to dress! I'd like to have more tiny things to add to the dresses. Samantha (F5)

That they have funny swirls on the end and that you can dress with the other disney princess dolls from this set. I like that you can put small items on them because they look prettier. They are like little barbies and you can use them as your barbies kids. Maja (F7)

There are princesses, but no princess Aurora. There are a lot of princesses so you can play with your friends and everyone can have one. You play with them together or on their own and they can switch clothes and that is really cool. They have bows and flowers that you can put on them and crowns too. The princesses are small and they have little legs.  It's hard to put the pieces together. I need help from mommy. The princess' share clothes and they have sparkly glitter clothes. I wish they could change hair too. I want to change their hair. Siobhan (F5)

It is a small collection of princesses and it's fun because you can dress them and undress them. They have clothes underneath and you can switch them around. I really like all the accessories too because you can take them off and on. Mia (F5)


F5 (especially) and F7 spent long periods of time playing with the five dolls that came with this set.  They made up stories about the dolls and liked being able to switch their dresses and accessories around.  Too many small pieces to keep track of though, and we had to be careful to keep them in a plastic bag in between play sessions because they were a choking hazard for my y