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Overall 8
Play Value 8
Cost Value 9
Design 8
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 9

Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn® Let's Get Ready Sink

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Age:18-36 months
MSRP:$34.99 ca
$29.99 us
Editor's Review

Our testing parents liked that the toy teaches about daily living skills it a fun a musical way and all families reported super intense play at first, although play dwindled a bit to a more occasional frequency of play after a few weeks. Most of our testers were already brushing teeth and washing hands, but parents liked that having a toy reinforce hygiene skills and make them fun, added to the skill development. The only real complaint was that the toy is a little too short. While our youngest testers enjoyed it while on their stomachs, the shorter height made it difficult for sitting kids to see in the mirror. Overall, the toy was fun, and it definitely led kids to be interested in hygiene - washing his hands/face, brushing his teeth, and combing his hair. The music was cute but could be overwhelming at times, which could get annoying to parents (who definetly appreciated the volume conrol) despite that the kids loved it. 

Tester Reviews


It sings songs and I like that. The songs are the best, I like the ABC song best. I like the (hot and cold water taps) because we have that too. It has toothpaste and soap that I can play with and I like toothpaste. I don't like that the hairbrush is pretend. Robert (M2.5)

I like the music and songs and the hot and cold water! Raina (F5) 


Love it, and find that it helps make getting ready fun. I like that it is teaching about daily living skills it a fun a musical way. My kids (F2 and M8m) like the songs and the tooth brush to hold. The mirror and music caught their attention, and I like that brushing our teeth and washing our hands is something we are learning about. I like that the sink lights up and that there is a mirror and that the items are easy to pick up and put back. But I don't like how short the toy is - my kids have to really bend down to look in the mirror. Play dwindled when the peices that belong to the toy were not all together, but once all together again, my children would play with it a lot. I think 1-3 is a good age. Although the skills it is teaching is quite young for a 1 year old, my baby still enjoys it because of the mirror. My 2 year old daugher loves it. Not a toy you can play with others with. My infant son love it when he is on is belly, but most of the time they sit to play with it. I didn't like the wash cloth that came with it either. I understand why, but it just gets dirty and the kids put it in the mouth and suck on it. Ellen Spencer

I still really like the toy, although it's lost some appeal to my daughter (F2). She will still play with it from time to time, pretending to brush her teeth or wash her hands, but nothing like in the initial days. She played with it for a good hour when she first played with it! But her interest dwindled after the first week as she moved on to other toys or went back to her favourites. While my daughter lost interest, but I think it's something that could definitely have the potential to hold interest for another child. I did find the songs got a little annoying after hearing them over and over but my daughter seemed to enjoy the music and I like that the volume can be adjusted for a quieter play. My daughter was able to use the toy very easily. The only difficulty she had was putting the toothbrush and toothpaste back properly, but was able to figure it out quickly. She really enjoyed pretending to brush her teeth and washing her hands with the soap. She even wanted to brush my teeth and have me wash my hands. I really liked the different play stages and sound effects, especially of the water running. This is a very visually appealing toy, with lots to look at, but not overwhelmingly so. I like the actual water sounds and flashing lights in the sink. A couple of things that I think would enhance the play of this toy would be to make it sit higher. I had to elevate it on a few books so my daughter could look in the mirror when she was sitting down. Also, I would make the comb more realistic - the teeth are not separated so when my daughter was trying to comb her hair, it's not the same as a real comb. I would also make the toothbrush possibly have soft plastic bristles, again, to make it a bit more realistic. But overall, I'd say it met my expectations. My daughter already brushes her teeth and washes her hands at daycare and at home, however having a toy reinforce hygiene skills and make them fun just adds to the skill development. Trying to brush your toddler's teeth can be quite a chore, so this gave her the opportunity to do it herself and see it as fun! I like that the toy seems really well made and sturdy and that  so there’s nothing that I would worry about being a hazard to my child, so I didn't have to worry about letting her play with it on her own. It's fairly small so easy to store and there aren't a lot of little pieces so everything was easily found after play. It has held up well, and all the parts still in tact. Everything is in the same condition as it was when it took it out of the box! Very long lasting toy. Shalimar Novak

Benjamin (2yo boy) really enjoyed this the first time he played with it and enjoyed it multiple times per day for the first week. All the pieces that come with this toy have a place and my son had no difficulty putting them where they belong. However, I was constantly worried about losing the washcloth, as its place wasn't as secure as the other pieces. He was very interested in washing his hands and brushing his teeth, so playing with this sink was exciting. The music is cute and encourages the behavior. Benjamin giggled every time the soap dispenser made squishy soap noises and showed me how he made (imaginary) bubbles by rubbing his hands together. But quickly grew bored as playing with the toy quickly turned into wanting to do those things "for real" with his own brush, comb, and washcloth. After the first week, the only thing he was interested in was the mirror. I think the toy was fun overall. It definitely led my son (2.5 yrs) to be interested in his own hygiene - washing his hands/face, brushing his teeth, and combing his hair. The music was cute but overwhelming at times. At first I thought the volume was too loud and I couldn't find the volume control. The situation became much better once I found the volume control. My only major complaint is that I found the music to be irritating. There were a couple of songs that were cute, but they didn't seem to play as often as the more annoying ones. My son had favourites too, and was frustrated that he couldn't figure out how to "make them" play. Marcy Jefferson

This is a great toy! It takes simple everyday tasks (brushing teeth or combing hair) so toddlers can pretend to do these things themselves. There are multiple different pieces to captures a toddlers attention, such as the comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, faucet and soap. They each have fun songs and there are three different modes to the toy. It is fun and engaging and allows them to practice what they see us doing. It has fun music, with songs to go with things like washing their hands. The toy has two volume levels and an on/off feature. It was the prefect volume level to allow my daughter to hear it without being annoying to everyone else. My daughter (19m) and niece (11m) love this toy. They both sit and play with the different features and it really captures their attention. My daughter sits and turns the faucets and pretends to wash her hands. It is great for teaching the basic skills of everyday hygiene. The toy seems every well made and would withstand rougher play with toddlers but I find that it sits a little low. For my 19m daughter to see in the mirror she has to lay on her belly or bend over. It would be nice if there were legs that fold out to allow it to sit higher instead of having to place it on something to achieve that height. The toy came with its own batteries that are still going strong. It stores really well and while each piece has a spot, my daughter could not put them away herself so I felt like I was forever picking up the toothbrush and comb and putting them away. However, that just means she was playing with the toy a lot. There is an on/off switch which is always nice. We have a busy life and consequently play dwindled when we were not around each day. However, if the toy was out my daughter would play with it. I would totally recommend or buy as a gift. Alana Fenwick

At first, both F5 and M2.5 were always eager to play with the sink, which surprised me as I thought they might be too old for it. They really liked all the different parts. When you remove or replace each item from the sink there is a song or sound that plays. This is a larger toy so it sat out in the play area, seeing it there seemed to keep the kids' interest and it was the first toy they played with each morning. The songs teach a child what each item is used for, or what you do with it. For example, when you turn on the water it sings "This is the way you wash your hands". It also reinforces colours and the alphabet through its interactive responses. I like that it's colourful and interactive for the kids. It teaches them about each item at the sink, what the soap is used for etc. But my children, 5 and 2.5 years are past the stage of learning bathroom routines and after two weeks of playing with the sink consistently, they quickly lost interest in the simple, repetitive songs and actions once they were familiar with them. As it is a larger toy, when they showed less interest it was moved to the basement play room and once it was moved, neither F5 or M2.5 asked for it, nor did they play with it while in the playroom. The recommended age is 18 to 36 months. I think it is a great toy for an even younger child, 12 months to 30 months. The only thing I don't like, is that even the lowest volume setting seems loud in our home. Rebecca D'Silva

This toy was a great hit even though we ony had it for a few weeks. F3 enjoyed the sound effects when turning the taps on or pushing down on the soap dispenser, and she liked pretending to wash her hands and face. She also liked looking at herself in the mirror. The toothbrush is so oversized that she kept using it as a hairbrush. She did not know what to do with the comb. Even her sisters (F5 and F8) enjoyed playing with this toy. The toy also plays music. I like the volume control as I typically find toys with sound effects or music too loud. Like that you can choose sound effects or songs when activated.Sandra Wong

Manufacturer's Description

The perfect toddler role play toy to help introduce daily routines. Let’s get ready for the day … with a fun toddler play sink to inspire role play! Turn the sink knobs, pump the soap bottle, or remove the toothbrush, toothpaste and comb to hear songs and phrases that teach toddlers about daily routines, familiar objects, colors, letters and more. The sink bowl lights up too, when toddlers turn the red and blue sink knobs. Curious toddlers will love peeking into the shiny mirror. And a removable, soft washcloth adds to the realistic, good, clean fun! Every toddler learns & plays in different ways. Smart Stages™ technology lets you select the stage that’s best for your child on any given day! Switch up the level to switch up the learning fun, and offer up a different variety of phrases, songs & sounds for your little one! 

Smart Stages™ Technology 

Level 1 - Learn. Fun phrases teach colors, objects & daily routines. 

Level 2 - Engage....

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