Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 9
Cost Value 7
Design 9
Quality 8
Parent Appeal 9

DC Super Hero Girls - Action Dolls

Mattel, Inc.
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MSRP:$24.99 ca
$19.99 us
Editor's Review

Our testers liked that these dalls are taller and more muscular than regular dolls and that the boots allow the dolls to stand on their own. Parents also approved of these awesome girl power toys that encourage a strong sense of self and body image. Multiple articulating joints on these dolls make them ultra-posable - a nice feature that allows for more play. Most of our testers hadn't really played with super hero toys before, and one parent commented that being dolls kept play in a comfort zone while encouraging the new superhero storylines. The new cartoon also helps encorage imaginative play.

Tester Reviews


I love their outfits and stories. There are mostly superheroes for boys, but it's the best idea to have girl superheroes. I really like their boots. I dressed up as Wonderwoman for camp. I copied her outfit exactly. Its cool that they can stand up on their own and can move around when I play adventures. I like that there are a few dolls and that they also have a show to give ideas for adventures. We bought more at Toys R Us so I could play with them all! Some fly and some don't, they are all different. They have different coloured hair too. They have big muscles and superpowers and they are learning how to use them. They are taller so they don't fit in my Barbie beds but that's ok. Girl Power! Zahra (F8)

I like that the girls are superheroes and I like making them rescue my other toys. I like pretending that they are superheroes with my Barbies sometimes. Sometimes they rescue animals, too! They can fly and do other super powers. I also like their outfits and that they can wear some of my Barbies' clothes. And they're pretty. I just think they're nice. Their hands can come off and their arms and legs bend a lot. At first I thought I lost one of the girls' hands, but then I found it. I have to make sure to be careful not to lose them. I like how their knees bend, because I can make them sit up high on my bookshelf, and in chairs, and they can duck and crawl when they rescue things. Lily (F6)

It is almost like a Barbie and I really like Barbies. This doll was good at saving my other Barbies and  Wonder Woman always helps Super Woman. 

It's cool with all their little accessories.  It's interesting how she can actually save people. It was cool to play with because it can always help the other Barbies. It's still like my other Barbies. Maja (F7)


I like these dolls more than any she's ever had. The dolls are taller than regular dolls and are more muscular. The boots allow the dolls to stand on their own. The costumes are most exciting and the height and muscle tone on these dolls is amazing! A better role model for girls to follow - it's not how skinny but how strong you are that counts. Outstanding quality, the weakest part on the dolls is the wrist joint. Zhara (F8) has never had anything like this. She knows her mom likes superheroes but most merchandise is aimed at boys and boy heroes. These got her attention because they were tough girl superheroes. These dolls are super affordable and give hours of entertainment. The value increased when we discovered the DC Superhero girls have their own cartoon. She would play while watching and her new favourite song is "Put your Cape on!" I loved the side of Zahra (F8) that these dolls brought out in her. She was strong confident and powerful! She had never expressed an interest in Superheros (like mommy) but these dolls opened a whole new schema for her to play in! The costumes are amazing and the design of these dolls is incredible - strong role models, sensible superhero clothing (only one has a skirt), very cool superhero tall boots and one accessory each - for the most part easy to keep track of, but loosing the accessories didn't interfere with play value. Dolls are posable and sturdy, although they are taller than regular Barbies so playing in the dollhouse wasn't an option. I would for sure suggest more than one doll to encourage the play to become dialogic. These are awesome girl power toys that encourage a strong sense of self and body image. Zahra (F8) brings them everywhere .... They are in her comfort zone because they are dolls but encourage interactive play to create a superhero storyline - a schema she wasn't familiar with. There has been lots of play with these dolls- they are worth every penny spent. We went and purchased the set so she can continue to play and expand her story repertoire. Lisa Gohm

I thought these were a good alternative to Barbies. They are the same size, but I like the flexibility in the joints and that they're superheroes is great. Lily (6) seemed to enjoy them, too. She especially liked that they could bend so much easier than Barbie dolls, and she thought the removable hands were neat. Lily was very interested in these dolls (she got Supergirl and Batgirl) and involved them in play with her Barbie dolls. These superhero girls often had more prominent rolls and saved the others from different scenarios. The great thing about them was the flexible bending joints. It helped them to sit, move, stand and be more interactive than a regular doll. They also had interchangeable hands, which was fun. The flexible joints was a huge plus for these dolls. It made playing more fun because they could get into many positions and it was more interactive in that way than a Barbie. They're [about] the same size as Barbie dolls, so we kept them together with them for storage. Play dwindled about halfway into the testing period. Lily was into other toys and crafts at that point, and didn't play with dolls in general as much. Overall, these seemed to spark a different imaginative play than her other dolls - a lot more adventures like superheroes have. The quality of the dolls seemed typical. Nothing broke, but the clothing seemed to have a little less quality than other doll clothing.  They do seem somewhat expensive. But I've seen sale prices of the dolls and that is much more reasonable. Christina Beeson

Initially a lot of interest in these dolls but interest dwindled faster than expected. F5 and F7 were very excited to be playing with these super heroes (Wonder Woman and Super Girl). Apart from Barbie dolls, the girls have not had a lot of exposure to other dolls so they were excited about the super hero theme. They spent a lot of time talking about these high school versions of female super heroes and the dolls sparked a lot of imagination as the girls came up with adventures that the dolls could go on. They also enjoyed comparing their super hero powers and were eager to see what the other dolls in the line look like. The girls liked being able to move the arms around to different poses and they liked the accessories that come with Super Girl (such as cape, head band) and Wonder Woman (lasso, bracelets). F5 pulled the hand off the doll a few times but she tends to play roughly with her toys and we were able to re-attach the hand. I liked that the dolls are female super heroes, that they were younger versions (they have student I.D.'s) and that they they were not like skinny Barbie dolls - these superheroes have some curves. Unlike a stiff Barbie-type doll the joints on these dolls articulate so they can be made to pose, which is a nice feature that allows for more play.  They also have attractive modern costumes and accessories which F5 and F7 liked. We had difficulty putting the cape of Super Girl on, it kept falling off, which was frustrating. It probably needs to be designed better. Sandra Wong

Manufacturer's Description

Inspired by the soon-to-be-released story of teenagers with super powers in high school, girls can explore their inner heroes with this assortment of dolls designed to lead to super hero fun. Fashions include elements from original super heroes while accessories highlight the characters super powers. Articulation allows for lots of action and super hero poses.

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