Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 10
Cost Value 8
Design 7
Quality 8
Parent Appeal 9

Batman V Superman™ Batman™ Voice-Changer Helmet

Mattel, Inc.
In Stores
MSRP:$39.99 ca
$29.99 us
3 x AAA (Included)
Editor's Review

Awesome! Our play testers loved talking with Batman's voice - so much added inspiration for imaginative play, especially with the glowing eyes. We did find the mask a little scary for our youngest testers, and so recommend it for older kids. Even our loder teters found it a bit heavy to wear, and needed help to strap it securely on their head, but loved it so much they didn't care about slight discomfort wearing this mask.

Tester Reviews


It was big and heavy on my head, but I love to wear my superhero costumes and wear this mask. Its like I am really turning into Batman. It's fun to hear my voice transforming in a super hero voice and see the eyes light up. I really like talking like Batman and scare my little brother. It makes me laugh all the time. Noah (M6)

The helmet is cool but the activator doesn't last too long - just about 20 seconds your voice changes. I would like it to last a lot longer..I just put it on every now and again to use when I want to play imaginary activities. Andrew (M9)

I'm Batman! Look at my batman mask, I can wear it and it's fun. It changes my voice and I can act like Batman. Jacob (M5)

The voice is too scary. Ethan (M4)

I love this! Sam, M5  

This is the coolest mask ever! I love the way it changes my voice! The eyes light up that that is pretty cool... Sometimes it is loose on my head, but mom helps me. I like changing my voice and scaring my sister! I wish we could keep it. Peyton, M8


AMAZING! My whole family is loving this toy (M5, M8, F2 and the adults!). We thought it was a riot to play with.  Well designed, and very fun. The fact that the eyes light up in time with their voice and that their voice gets altered just blew them away. My husband and I have even enjoyed this mask, too (and frequently tell our kids to "go to bed" while wearing it). Lots of laughs with this mask! The only downside is the fact the plastic straps on the back are hard to adjust easily to make the mask fit snugly. The switch to turn on and off was able to be operated by my 5 year old, but it's hard to adjust the headband part - I would have expected that to be a bit more user friendly. Melissa Hunt

The voice-changer helmet is awesome! And the initial high interest w