Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 9
Cost Value 9
Design 7
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 8

MEGA BLOKS® American Girl® Grace's 2-in-1 Buildable Home

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$69.99 us
Editor's Review

A very popular build, both with our testers who love American Girl, as well as those who just liked building the house. The Patisserie was a great second build but it was the house build that really inspired. There was lots that our testers LOVED about this toy. All commented on the incredible detail in this set, as well as, all the interesting specialized pieces and innovative part configurations that add so much appeal and playability, especially the dog and bear, as well as pots, bunk beds with a hideabed (so all 3 figures could sleep), plants, books, drinks, etc. Testers also appricated that much of the detailing was stenciled right onto the pieces (instead of fiddly stickers), which made the build less tedious and the finished house more attractive. It was, however a more challenging build - certainly more so than LEGO builds, and this caused some mixed reaction. Instead of clear cut step by step instrutions, Mega Bloks tend to combine sevearal steps together, which can...

Tester Reviews


It was a dream house. I love American Girl!! But I have never seen the little ones before and my mom didn't tell me that it existed. So when she brought it home I was ll over it!!! It is similar to Lego Friends, which I love as well, but they are slightly smaller. Building the house was fun and interesting as I am a big building fan. I opened the bags right away and followed the book instructions to construct the house. It has tons of tiny little pieces like drinks, and plants, books and pots... Once the house was completed we played with the little dolls. They all have names and their own stories so it's fun to play with them after reading the American girl books. Most of my friends read the books so we can pretend play together once we completed the doll house. The bags with block pieces didn't have the numbers on them so if you followed the instructions you sometimes could not find the piece in one particular bag. We ended up opening all of them at once to find a piece. That created one heck of a mess:-) Lydia (F10)

I like how you can convert it into two different structures. For example Grace's caffe or her home. I like the unique pieces that they use. The structure is neat and different to build, you build the structure in stages. I started working on the accessories first like the fridge, sink, plants, but it did seem that there is one piece missing. I had other people help me locate the pieces but they were no where to be found. So I think that they really should put a few extra pieces in just in case. Camilla (F11)

Fun and easy to build - and interesting since there are a lot of details in the build. The instructions were easy to follow, but some pieces were a bit harder to put together then Lego. My sister (6) liked to play with the patisserie when I was done. I didn't like that the one kitchen piece didn't attach it the rest. Kyle (M9)

I love Lego and this was a really fun build. It was easy for me to build and follow the instructions. I liked that this set has a lot of great details and special pieces - like the couch cushions and the toaster. I liked building the house best. I like that there are the same number of beds as people. Sometimes sets don't have enough beds. I like to play putting the girls, dog and bear to bed and setting them up to eat. I can put the girls to bed at night and have them eat breakfast when I get up. I had my brother (9) build the Patisserie since I didn't know if I would like it but after he built it I really liked playing with it. In the Patisserie build I didn't like that part of the kitchen is not attached to the rest of the set. Autumn (F6.75)


My kid (F10) grew up on LEGO and this American Doll theme was an icing on the cake for building type of toy for her. American Doll was a known theme for my daughter for quite some time. She was familiar with the character girls and their stories from reading the books. She was unable to finish the house in one sitting but she completed a third of it and already loves the pretend play with the little American Doll figurines. One thing she had mentioned was that the bags containing pieces weren't numbered so you had to open all the bags in some instances to find the desired piece to finish the item. But as far as my daughter is concerned, LEGO Friends have been packed away and American Girl occupies the top shelf. Once she completed the house she spend hours playing with the little dolls. Because AG is such a trending theme amongs the girls her age now, whenever she has friends over they all love to play with the doll house and they are all familiar with its residents. The house has interesting little pieces to enhance the play. i.e.: pots, plants books, little furniture, drinks etc. The girls love that. Marta Wisniewski

What a great toy for my 11 year old girl. She was so excited to open and dive into this wonderful world of Mega Blocks. My daughter loved the opportunity to build something that was more "girl" like.  She is used to following directions using her brothers mega blocks and build things like star wars, or ninga's so this was a real welcome for her because she loved the colours and building different areas of the house. The size of the structure is what really caught her attention, and the idea of building a house really interested her. She loves the colours of the pieces, and is fully engaged in creating her structure. She easily follows instructions and uses the box to store all her pieces as she works on building. She works at her own pace and does not want any help from others. It is her own project. I like how you can see the different rooms that you build when the structure is opened. The only frustrating thing was the toy was missing a piece, but we used one from another set at home. The pieces hold together well, and are easy for snapping together and pulling apart. The challenge was trying to figure out what packages to open to build a product.  Lego friends actually have all the pieces labelled in a package but this product does not - you have to open all the packages and sort it out yourself. It is nice to see how my daughter is totally engaged in creating this master piece.  Does it matter that it is American doll? No...she just loves the idea of building a house. Orietta Miranda

This is a great 2-in-1 set with many interesting unique pieces and a lot of detail in each of the rooms. We were assigned the toy for my older son (9), but my daughter (6) was really excited to build it, too. It was the first thing that she wanted to do when I brought new toys home. She had an easy time and needed no help following the instructions and likes it so much, she won't let her brother build it. She liked all the special pieces and the bunk beds with the hide a bed. She built the set over a week and played with it daily when it was first built, but now (after a month) she plays with it less due to the novelty wearing off. The instructions highlighted where to put the pieces on - pictures that showed in red or yellow where to put them. She also liked the separate furniture booklet. She had a bit of trouble pushing the pieces together sometimes, but she managed to figure out pushing against the table worked better and managed well. She loved building the rooms and all of the detail in each of them. As she was buiding each part she pretended she was building a house for the girls. At first they had to sleep on the floor until she built a couch but they couldn't eat until the kitchen was built and so forth. We like that it has room for all 3 girls to eat at the table and go to bed at the same time. My daughter also loves the dog with a dig dish and bone as well as the bear. She also liked taking the girls apart and putting them back together in strange ways. While she built the house right away, it took until my son (9) built the Patisserie before she decided that she liked that too. This is a great toy for both building and imaginative play.  I like that you can make the 2 different sets from the pieces. The pieces fit together well and seem well made - repeated putting together and taking apart did not wreck the pieces. Both my F6 and M9 ejoyed and were able to build the sets independently, but only my daughter played pretend with them. I really like this megablocks as it has great detail, two interesting builds and great imaginative play possibilities. Allison Munro 

A surprise hit. This became a family toy that appeals not just to the age range (8ish) totally appeals across many ages - we had people 4 to 14 playing it.   Families shouldn't hesitate in buying this for children outside the age range or for multiple children.  One of the most superior building toy for 'playability' that we've come across. The idea of a dollhouse and building tool combined really appealed to us. Our testers (M8, M9) enjoyed building each part of the house. There are some really neat creative pieces. Our testers loved the customized pieces (bears, ice cream cones, cakes, etc) that make this far more 'playable' than lego. This REALLY appealed to our testers. Even more, while the building was beyond our 4 year-old, she loved playing with what our older testers built (which is something rarely done with other lego sets).  On the flip side, this toy like all megabloks is very poorly organized with pieces being mixed up in different bags, which makes the building FAR more tedious. I think we opened five bags just to do the first two steps, lol. One of the frustrations with similar toys is all the fiddly stickers - this set does away with this frustration by having most of the imprinting already done on the custom pieces.  Our testers really appreciated this.  It made the end process nicer, and made the building more enjoyable. The toy takes up a bit of space, and is left up between play sessions.  We had a nice little table our testers used. The toy really engaged our testers. The theme worked for our female testers