Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 9
Cost Value 9
Design 7
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 8

MEGA BLOKS® American Girl® Grace's 2-in-1 Buildable Home

In Stores
MSRP:$99.99 ca
$69.99 us

A very popular build, both with our testers who love American Girl, as well as those who just liked building the house. The Patisserie was a great second build but it was the house build that really inspired. There was lots that our testers LOVED about this toy. All commented on the incredible detail in this set, as well as, all the interesting specialized pieces and innovative part configurations that add so much appeal and playability, especially the dog and bear, as well as pots, bunk beds with a hideabed (so all 3 figures could sleep), plants, books, drinks, etc. Testers also appricated that much of the detailing was stenciled right onto the pieces (instead of fiddly stickers), which made the build less tedious and the finished house more attractive. It was, however a more challenging build - certainly more so than LEGO builds, and this caused some mixed reaction. Instead of clear cut step by step instrutions, Mega Bloks tend to combine sevearal steps together, which can frustrate the kids*. But as one parent/teacher comments, "I secretly like [the complexity], it's like a mini puzzle that you have to figure out." As well, instead of conveniently bagging the pieces to match up with instructional sections, testers often had to open several - or all - bags at once, which made it more tedious to find a piece they needed. But overall, this has been a huge hit with our testing families - all enjoyed the build and the follow-up imaginative play was exceptional. *NOTE however that we did not find the frustration to be age related so much as related to expectations and experience with puzzle-solving and brain testers. In fact, one of our six year old testers was able to complete the build - and quite independently. But she's also a child who is well-versed in solving brain testers - and was VERY excietd/motivated to build the house.