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Bounce Off Rock 'N Rollz

Mattel, Inc.
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Editor's Review

Our testers loved this action-packed Tic-Tac-Toe styled game. Unlike more cerebral pencil and paper versions, this game requires physical skill as well. Players bounce balls trying to get them to land in the spots on the board that they need to claim. The twist in this newest version of the classic Bounce Off game is a tilting board and sliding ball spots. This Rock 'N' Rollz version can be played in a stationary mode like the original game, but it also includes a dome that can be snapped to the underside of the board creating a see-saw dynamic that amps up the skill and strategy required to a whole new level, as players adapt to the sliding weight distribution new balls that can tip the board and shift the existing balls into ever-changing patterns. Parents loved tat they could play with their children on an equal footing since accurate ball bouncing si a skill all ages need to practice.

Tester Reviews


It's more active then other board games. I like the two different choices of wobbly or flat - it's fun when you have the thing on the bottom of the board that makes it extra wobbly.  I also like the sections with holes together so the ball can roll.  I like that the ball bounced high when trying to get it in, but it's hard to aim the balls accurately. The ball often bounces off in a way I didn't plan. I like that there are lots of different shapes you can make and that some of the spaces for the balls are rolly. But we added a rule about taking your balls off the board since otherwise once you got one shape it was easy to get the rest of the shapes. I like the holders to hold the balls so that they don't roll everywhere. Kyle (M9)

I really enjoy this game- it all depends on the weight of where the balls are so even if it looks like you're about to win, the balls might roll to the other side. Shalom (M11)

I like that you're trying to get the balls to bounce in a certain pattern- but they can shift anytime since the weight makes them roll around. (Zachary M12)

It is a good toy and it challenging to make the pattern from the card. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose against my sister (11).  We have a fun time trying to match the card. Andrew (M9)

I think this toy is cool and challenging because of how to bounce the ball. I needed to practice to learn how to bounce the ball so it would land on the right places. Camilla (F11)

I like the wobbly game best so far. It wasn't too hard to get the ball to bounce and land on the board. The patterns were tough to make since it was hard to control where the bounce went. Autumn (F6)

I had seen a video with another version that did not have dome under the tray. It looked like it would have been fun, so I was very happy to play Bounce off. It is a lot harder than I thought, but I still won the first game! I like that we can play in teams, or alone, or have a free for all, there are many different ways to play, and you don't just sit, you have to go all over the place to get the balls that bounce off the table, so I get a little exercise at the same time. Mia (F13)

It's really fun..and not as easy as I thought, that little ball does not go where I think it should go! I like that I was able to do a spin on my ball and it fell perfectly so I could block my sister! That was sweet. Sebastien (M14)

It's a good game, I like bouncing things off the table, you don't have to think a lot, it's actually quite relaxing after being at school all day to bounce the balls. There is skill involved but w whole lot of luck too. Clark (M16)

It is really hard to get the toys in the holes. It is fun to throw the balls, but it makes daddy mad when the balls go under the couch. J.J. (M7)


The boys (M8, M11, M12) are really enjoying this game. They love bouncing the balls in and trying to create a pattern- they have even tried challenging themselves to creating the patterns on their own without any opponents. Since the board is not steady, it makes it a lot more difficult as they have to consider where the ball may roll. It's quite fun but a lot more difficult to win than it seems. I like that there's a slot to hold the balls, since otherwise they'd be rolling all over the floor! Rebecca Young

This is a fun quick game. Both kids and adults enjoyed trying to bounce the ball into the holes. The toy worked as advertised and it was nice to have the two different types of play: flat vs tilted. The game is fun and I could play with the kids [on equal footing] as bouncing the ball correctly is a skill that any age would need to practice.. Games didn't last too long and it helped learn bouncing accurately . It is a neat idea and the board worked nicely to capture the balls. I like the idea of the game, and that there were spots for a single ball and ones for three balls together, but I wish there were more card ideas. I also liked the storage trays so that things wouldn't roll away, although it takes a bit of planning to get the toy back in the box properly. The instuctions were a bit confusing as we were not sure if you reset the balls when trying to finish a second pattern, or used what you already had on the board - because once you got one pattern then you would win since you pretty much also had the other patterns. My husband came up with the idea to remove all your balls once you scored a pattern. It was an interesting bouncing skill game with some randomness of the tilty board and the multiple ball areas to add some extra elements to the game. My kids enjoyed the game and it cleaned up easily. It was fun to do an active game as we usually play strategy games instead. It was played with, but not as much as strategy board games that they seem to prefer. Allison Munro

My kids (M9 & F11) have hours of fun with it and they talk about how they win...sometimes my daughter doesn't see how my son wins and they have to talk and explain the pattern and how it matches the card. My son knew exactly what to do because he saw it on the commercial. He didn't realize that this board rocked, and at first he didn't want to play with the rocking version because he didn't think he would be able to do it. Once he started playing with it he realized that it was managable. My kids either play it together or just play it alone while watching TV, or with a friend. They love it becasue of the challenge to match the pattern. It is challenging and even when they finish the cards they redo the activity. The toy says it is for 7 plus...I would think this toy should be for 9 and up...7 year olds may not have the coordination and would not be able to really understand how to play the game. I also recommend this toy be played on a carpet - it could be very loud and annoying if you bounce it off tiles or wooden floors. If you don't put the balls properly on the board then it is difficult to store everything.  my son decided to put the balls in a separate container so it wouldn't be challenging to put the game away. Orietta Miranda

It's exciting when the ball lands where you want it to go. The game is easy to set up and rules are super easy to learn. Playing the game is much harder, that little ball never goes where we plan. The half dome under the tray adds a challenge to play, if it's too much you can still play without it. The kids (M12 F13 M14 F16) really enjoyed doing trick shots and there is a lot of moving around to get the balls when they are out of bounds. The balls are sturdy but not hard enough that it would hurt someone if they are in the way of an out of control bounce. Marie-Lise Hache

I found it very disruptive to our family. My older son enjoyed playing with it but my younger one kept on trying to throw the balls around. When I told my older son that we gave it away to another family, he was initially upset but after a minute he didn't care at all. My kids like to run around and I think throwing balls from a sitting position is not for them. They wanted to watch TV instead. My husband HATED the fact that the balls kept on rolling everywhere. Aliza Sinyor

Manufacturer's Description

Basic Bounce-Off™ rules apply, but watch where you bounce these balls! Shifting weight and a tilting board add difficulty as you try to make your design. As soon as the board rocks away from you, it can rock back!  It’s Bounce-Off™, but this Game Tray actually rocks and rolls! Board tilts to add difficulty to the game. Loud and lively game tests coordination and skill. Play as individuals or in teams.

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We tried the Bounce Off Rock 'N Rollz, first on the "easy" mode, then on the harder one. My kids found it really hard to through the balls in the holes and after a while started to through the balls all over the room once they were frustrated enough. The balls also kept rolling around the room and kept on rolling under furniture. It is also hard to but the pieces back in the box.