Award of Excellence Winner
Overall 8
Play Value 9
Cost Value 8
Design 7
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 8
Safety 10

Gas Out™ Game

Mattel, Inc.
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MSRP:$21.99 ca
$19.99 us
2 x AA (Included)
Editor's Review

Our testing families loved how this game made them laugh. Players take turns playing a card by pressing 'Gus' the Gas Cloud the number of times indicated on the card. Each press gurggles a bit unti eventually - but no one knows when - there's a distinct farting sound that puts that player out of the round. Our testers enjoyed every second of the building anticipation and the sheer silliness of farting sounds made this game a real favourite.

Tester Reviews


I wanted to open this toy first so I can see the green little man and what he does. Playing with my cousin was hilarious. We played a long time and laughed and laughed. It is so funny. The farting sounds are the best and there Lots of different farting sounds. I like that the sound goes higher and higher when Pete is closer to farting. You never know when he's going to blow! The card game is fun too. I like trying to win. It's short so you can play again and again. Even when you loose it's ok if everyone laughs. You don't feel bad about loosing you just laugh anyway. Zahra (F8)

It's fun to just put it on trial mode and just keep pressing the fart and laugh at the fart noises. We play a different way. Instead of 3 cards we just make a pile and draw one card when it's your turn. Then you press the fart that number of times and hope it doesn't fart at you because if it does you lose. Ava (F8)

I thought the fart sounds were hilarious. I played my cards to try and make sure it farted at Mom or Dad! When it farted at me, that was okay. It was funny. But I won most of the time. You never know when the thing will fart at you, so it makes us laugh. We thought it was funny. We don't have many games, so it was fun playing with Mom and Dad and Evan (M3). Lily (F6)

It's silly! And the fart noises are funny, so it's fun to just press the fart until farts! It's fun when it's not you who gets the fart! I like that you don't know when the fart is going to fart, so it's a little bit scary but funny at the same time. Well it never farts on the first push, and it also doesn't take 50 pushes to fart, so you can kind of tell when it's about to fart. Sometimes we like to just push the fart to hear the noises, and sometimes we play the game. You have to be a little bit strategic with the cards. Like, you should probably use up a big number at the beginning and then use your reverse cards or ones after when you think it might fart. Then you have a better chance of it not farting. My mom thinks the sound is annoying, but this game is fun because it farts and sounds really funny and everyone laughs a lot! Carleigh (F5)


This game is a riot! Easy to play and great to get everyone together and giggling like school children - that is my favorite part. We laughed and laughed until our stomachs hurt. It is a simple card game with a twist- the gassy guy that comes with it is the motivator, an electronic device that decides randomly who will win or loose the game. There is some strategy required as well, knowing when to play your cards and which ones before time runs out. Every move the noises escalate until he lets out a giant toot. Good battery life so far and the game instructions were simple and straight forward - I read them aloud and the family was able to play immediately. The game is a great price and has lots of play value. Every time we play we share lots of laughs. It can be played one round or many rounds depending on how competitive you are. Family game night will never be the same again!! Excellent play value, but there is no storage built in. This is likely my only complaint. We used an elastic to hold the cards together and transported the two items together. We brought it to Grandma's house. I wouldn't play in public though, some people would be offended by the farting noises. No issues with durability. Very well made. My nephew got a little carried away hitting it but the toy held its own. The game is inexpensive and available everywhere. Simple design, easy to play and portable made this game a summer favourite. Lisa Gohm

Lots of giggles playing this game and the anticipation is fun. There is no storage for it though. We wrap an elastic around the cards to keep them together and the only other piece is the fart. I would prefer if the fart noise was a bit louder, surprisingly. I think it would startle the kids which would be even funnier. It's a quick game that can be played by pretty much any age. The kids (F5 F8) are not sad when they lose because they're too busy laughing. Although I don't think this game will keep them interested in the long term, I think it will be played with any visitors or play dates and will work for those kids who don't have a very long attention span. It's a fun game to play from time to time that doesn't take long at all and can be played by just about any age. It's a fun game to play from time to time that doesn't take long at all and can be played by just about any age. Tammy Wiseman

My 6 year old thought this game was absolutely hilarious and it was easy for her to learn the rules and learn to strategize to minimize her chances of getting "farted" at and out of the game. We all loved playing this together as a family, and brought it with us to the cottage. Our almost 3 year old enjoyed pressing the gas cloud, but didn't quite understand the rules of the game. He liked playing on teams so we could all play together as a family. The game was simple and easy for everyone to play, and it made us laugh when someone got "out" by having the gas cloud make the fart noise. It was also fun to see Lily (6) plan her next moves based on the likelihood that the gas cloud would "fart". It's easy to use and the game play is quick, so no one gets bored. We played it a lot the first couple of weeks as we were on vacation together as a family. Once we were back on our regular schedule of work and daycare, we didn't play it as often. It would have been nice to have a box for the cards to be stored together in so there wouldn't be risk of losing any. A simple card game with fast game play that ends when the gas cloud "erupts" at you! Giggles every time. Christina Beeson

Well really what do you expect, it is a farting game, it embarrasses my girls (13 & 16) and the boys (12 & 14) love it! It is a funny game, the rules are really easy to learn. The games are not very long, just a few minutes, so the kids decided to use the game to decide who would do the dishes, the first person that passes the gas is out and does clean up. We were out camping when we played it for the first time, I was cleaning up the campsite and set off the machine, you should have seen the look on the people walking by! It was precious. Marie-Lise Hache

Manufacturer's Description

Kids won’t be able to stop giggling with the Gas Out™ Game! Guster the Gas Cloud™ is full of intestinal discomfort and he's ready to rip! Place him on the center of the table and then deal 3 Gas Out™ cards to each player. If you play a Number card, press Guster as many times as the number shown—but watch out! Guster's blasts are not silent and they're definitely deadly. If Guster farts, you're out! Other Gas Out™ cards in the deck keep the fun tooting along like the Skip card which sends Guster onto the next player, or the Reverse card that "blows" him back in the opposite direction. 

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