Platinum Choice Award Winner
Overall 10
Play Value 10
Cost Value 10
Design 10
Quality 10
Parent Appeal 10

Barbie® Careers Game Developer Doll

Mattel, Inc.
In Stores
MSRP:$14.99 ca
$12.99 us
Editor's Review

Glam's fine, but our testers say they also want some everyday pretending with Barbies that look like real people. This doll totally fits that need: casual clothes - especially the jeans!, (flat) sneakers, and awesome tech stuff. They also loved the bright red highlights, apparently colour-streaked hair is now everyday. Her crareer choice - a video game designer - just makes her even more fun. 

Tester Reviews


She can use the iPad and the computer at the same time because she is super busy working. She wears glasses because her eyes get tired from looking at the screen. She can do gymnastics and the splits when she isn't working. She has one straight arm and one bent arm. I don't like bent arms, I only like straight arms. She dyed her hair, so some is red. I like the red part, it is my favourite hair of all my Barbies. She has cool glasses and her clothes are cool and I like her jeans and jacket. But her pants don't fit other Barbies, only she can wear them. She needs a watch so she knows what time it is. She has a head set that helps her make video games. Siobhan (F5)

I like that she has some earmuffs to hear music. She can make games and we pretend when we're playing school, we're playing with them. We pretend she was making games there. Samantha (F5)

She wears glasses and comes with cool items. It's awesome to see the designs on her computer and interesting to see how she can develop games in real life.  I like her glasses. She gave me the idea of making games myself. Maja (F7)


My daughter (5) LOVES this Barbie and thinks she is the coolest Barbie ever. This isn't a Barbie who plays video games, she makes them. The doll has all the high tech gear needed for the gaming developing industry. Her clothes are casual, comfortable and realistic yet stylish and in fashion. She looks like she works hard and is ready to play hard. My daughter loves the computer and the stickers on the computer. The ipad is great too. Her favourite feature is probably the multi shades of red in her hair. The doll is easy to bend and play with. Her clothes are easy for my daughter to take on and off. Her jeans are awesome. We've had Barbies with glasses before and they have broken, these glasses have not broken yet. A wonderful additi