Seal of Approval
Overall 9
Play Value 9
Cost Value 8
Design 9
Quality 8
Parent Appeal 8

Hot Wheels® Sky Shock™ Flying Car Asst

Mattel, Inc.
In Stores
MSRP:$99.99 ca
$64.99 us
x rechargeable LiPo battery (Included)
6 x AA (Not Included)

Much easier to drive than fly because like most RC flying toys, this one takes practice to keep it aloft. The plane is light-weight, but sturdy enoiugh to handle our tester's play. Also no rudder control to help with take offs. But it drives fast on pavement and reponds well to teh remote. And this wheeled/winged combo has the advantage that unplanned landings need not end as crashes. Simply drive it along the ground to regain enough momentum to take off again.