This toy was tested.
Overall 7
Play Value 9
Cost Value 6
Design 7
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 7
Educational Value 5

Learning Essentials™ STEM Sink or Float Activity Set

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MSRP:$49.99 ca
$34.99 us
Model:Item # LER 2827

The 'lab equipment' in this set is as much fun to play with as it's useful for exploring basic science concepts to predict whether an object will sink or float. Ten double-sided cards set up challenges for kids to guess the results, then use the sturdy, toy-like components to test their 'hypothesis'. This was the most popular in the line, mostly due to the water play aspect of the buoyancy theme. But like the other sets, our testers had more interested in just playing with the components rather than working through the accompanying experiment cards.