Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 10
Play Value 10
Cost Value 8
Design 8
Quality 10
Parent Appeal 9
Safety 10

New Sprouts® Style It!

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MSRP:$34.99 ca
$24.99 us
Model:Item # LER 9243
Editor's Review

Simple, well-made, easy to store, and the perfect size for little hands. Our testers loved these realistic-looking, kid-sized hair styling accessories and used them on themselves, their dolls, parents and even taking turns doing each other's hair. Parents liked that the pieces were safe enough for even a 2 year old and that everything fits back into the little tote bag that came with it. THe blow dryer was especially popular as it makes a noise. Both the hair dryer and straightener are items kids aren't allowed to touch in real life, as they are too hot, so extra appealing for pretend play. Pieces are very sturdy including the mirror, which is so realizstic looking concern was raised that it might break - though it is actually just an acrylic sticker, so totally safe. A fabulous set for years of imaginiative play. 

Tester Reviews


I like the bag and all the toys go in it. I like to do mama's hair with the (straightener and hair dryer). I like the loud noise of the blow dryer, because it's loud. I don't like that when I play with it Raina 9F5) snatches it from me. I love the mirror too. Robert (M2.5)

I like the straightener the best and I can use it on my dolls. Look the blow dryer makes a sound! And I can put all my stuff in the purse. Anabel (F3) 

I like being able to do my own hair. This is how I brush my hair and dry it! Samantha (F5)

I like noisy hairdryer the most! Raina (F5)

I like that you could pretend to style your hair and that they are almost like real hair accessories at a beauty salon. I like that it comes in a little baggy to keep all of them together so you do not lose any pieces. I don't like  that there is no sound to the blow dryer. Maja (F7)


I really like this toy. It's simple, well-made and easy to store. My 3 year old daughter like to pretend play with this toy, especially the blow dryer since it makes noise. She also likes to use the accessories on her dolls. She'll pull out the toy on her own every dew days and play with it for a good 20 minutes.  The fact that all the accessories look like the real thing but in miniature is fun. I never seen a kit like this with a straightener. The accessories are styled perfectly for little hands. Makes it so much easier for little ones to manipulate. It also comes with a little bag which is great for storing. But it doesn't do much although he blow dryer makes a fun sound that attracts my daughters attention. Also, the brush doesn't have any bristols to brush with which is a little odd when combing a dolls hair. Very simple toy made out of good quality material, but not my daughters favorite toy. Nadine Lepine

F3, F5, and F7 used this toy a lot. They never had a beauty or grooming playset before so were very interested in it.  Sometimes they would use the brush or hair dryer on themselves, or on their dolls, and they enjoyed taking turns doing each other's hair. The hair straightener tool was funny to explain to our kids because we all have straight hair. They thought it was a stapler because it is of the same shape. The toys are easy for little hands to hold and there's a soft rubbery feel to the pieces, not like cheap hard plastic. I liked that the pieces were safe enough for even a 2 year old and that everything fits back into the little tote bag that came with it, although it would be better if the bag was slightly larger. Still great for storage as lost pieces would very much affect the play value. The hair dryer makes a clicking sound when you squeeze the button but 3F cannot do it. It is great to have a toy that even my youngest child (3F) can play with safely. Sandra Wong

This is a great, sturdy hair styling kit for pretend play. There are several pieces, so my kids (F5 & M2.5) can play together and take turns with each item. It also comes with a carrying case which is great for storing all the items, so none of the pieces are lost in between play sessions. Both F5 and M2.5 really like that these toys are the perfect size for them. The hair dryer seems to be the favorite so far as it makes a noise when you squeeze the button on the handle. They have seen mom with the hair straightener and really wanted to use it on their own. They also really like the blow dryer. Both the hair dryer and straightener are items the kids are not allowed to touch in real life, as the are too hot, so I think they really like the pretend play! My son, 2.5 yrs wants to do my hair with the set, so it would be nice for the kids if the hair brush had real bristles. The pieces are very sturdy, the only concern I had was for the mirror, as I worry it could pose a safety concern. If it were dropped it looks like the mirror could break, as it is a real mirror, not one of the soft flexible play mirrors. This styling kit is not the first toy my kids play with, and they don't play with it everyday, but they do get it out at least once a week. As they are items for pretend play I think they will still be interested and continue to play with the items for a long time to come. Rebecca D'Silva

Manufacturer's Description

Get your style on! Look your best with this perfect styling set. Style enthusiasts can express themselves with this colorful collection that includes a hair dryer that makes familiar whirring sounds and a mirror. Tools are sized perfectly for little hands, and a handy caddy keeps all essentials (including a brush, flat iron, and shampoo bottle) organized and ready for your next new hairdo. Vinyl caddy measures 5¼"H x 8¼"L.