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Kind of like a pumped up choose your own adventure book. Cards rather than a book format offer so many more adventure paths, and making it a game, added a little more fun. A great activity to encourage reading short paragraphs (about 25 words each) and add a little reading practice to your daily routine.

Tester Reviews


Most books go from front to back, this takes you all over. I like that these are cards, not pages in a book, so you can play with friends and it's still cool and you get to read. I like that you can pick cards to choose your own adventure. When you get a card you get to make choices other games only go in a straight line but this game always goes different ways. I like that there are different colours and objects you can find. There are some really cool action cards that lead you on your adventure in different places. I don't it when it ends or I take a wrong turn in a card. Tiago (M8)

I like the cards; it just makes reading fun. I usually try to play this activity with my sister and we see who gets the most cards, but I also play with it by myself and I keep trying to beat the number of cards I finish with. I like that the story can never be wrong and you also get to change the story up. I really don't like reading books, but this is a fun way to read a book by using cards. Andrew (M10)

I liked that the choices can make a different story depending on what you choose - there are lots of different choices. The [Jump Ship] game was easy to learn and I like all the different type of cards and selections. I like that there were items in the [Stowaway] game that you could collect and I liked the outerspace theme and that you are trying to save the earth. I don't like that all the endings are bad unless you do perfect. And if you tried to use an item more then one time it would end the game. I would have liked to use an item more than one time. Kyle, M9 

I really like the Jump Ship game better [than the Stowaway game] because you didn't have to be perfect to get a good ending. I liked when I got Admiral in the Jump Ship game. My favorite thing was the deep end cards as you never knew what was going to happen. I liked reading the cards for other people when they guess. l like reading the cards for my Dad and making him get eaten by the Shark. My grandma got Admiral but my mom only got buccaneer. I didn't like that we were the black ship. I wish we were the green briney turtle instead since I love animals. I played this game a lot to see all the different endings. I liked it best when I was Admiral. Autumn (F6)


My son (8)  never gets this excited about books, so it was great to see him engage in reading so much. Each card leads to a new fantastic adventure. My son loved picking the cards and seeing what was going to happen next. He enjoyed playing with others or completing the mission on his own. The ending of the game always came so soon though and seemed to come out of no where which I am assuming is part of the thrill of the game. My son liked that it came in a smaller box and the cards were easy to hold himself because they are just slightly larger than regular playing cards or action cards. He enjoyed having the ability to make choices of what to read next instead of a traditional adventure book when you just turn the page. This game is built to last a lot of play since the cards are all physically handled a lot. It has held up quite well. The game is recommended for ages 8+. My son is exactly that age and really enjoyed it. I won't go any younger than 8+. A really cool concept and a nice alternative to reading a book. A great game to play with friends or with family. Susan Chaves [Stowaway set]

We all LOVE this game!! It is exciting, easy to play and incorporates reading in a fun and thrilling way. Put down the computer and use these nice sturdy cards to make a story. We have been playing this type of game orally for years..where we start a story and give our children 2 options to continue a story. We made it along as we played the there is actually a game whereby you start a story and you can follow the cards to continue the story. The story is captivating and exciting but also allows you to add points to see who can get more points. I find my son constantly reading and discovering new paths to his story. I like the size of the cards. the sturdy box they come in and the font they are written in. This is a great reading tool and it is great for adding too and building on story lines. I can't wait to see the other story lines this company offers. Orietta Miranda [Stowaway]

This [Jump Ship] game has gone really well, and it's great that the game promotes reading. It's actually a fav of our six year old who likes the choices and dangers. She particularly likes reading the cards for her parents. This brings back memories of old Choose your own Adventures. Cards well made and durable. Visually attractive design. It wasn't so clear on how to deal with used cards so we made this up on our own. After playing a few times our 6 year old was very excited to act as host of the game so she'd read all the cards to us, which involved quite a bit of reading for her. We're looking forward to trying out more of these. Dice might be a fun random addition to future iterations of this series. Scott Bruce

[Jump Ship] was fun and interesting. It's like turning a choose your own adventure into a game format. The pirate theme was fun and the randomness of the deep end added more possible paths to the game. My daughter (6) went through just about every possible story combination and over the deep end especially. My son (9) was interested as well and played it a few times and enjoyed it. He said that he likes the choose your own adventure aspect to the game and that it's not the same story each time, he also liked the pirate theme and the different choices offered. The game promotes reading and memory for when you play it additional times, you want to try and remember to avoid the bad choices. Both kids had no issues setting up and using the toy. They did like to play it with someone rather then by themselves. I really like things that are fun while promoting reading and this did a great job. It was like a choose your own adventure but in game format. The items you can collect [Stowaway] make for a nice touch. We were all frustrated though that the only good ending is a perfect game, nothing less would give you a good ending. We also found it a bit odd the starting at any card so the story didn't seem to have a start or an end. The end was just when you picked a card you already had chosen. I liked the Jump Ship pirate cardventure game better due to the more options of good endings and the randomness of the deep end. Stowaway is very close to being a great toy but needs a couple of minor adjustments. The pirate cardventure fixed these issues and we really liked that version of cardventure. Allison Munro

Manufacturer's Description

Stowaway 52 Cardventure #1

You’ve snuck aboard an alien ship that’s about to attack Earth and it’s up to you to stop it! Set a course for sabotage with this unique “Cardventure” – an interactive story that puts you at the controls. Do you reprogram the flight computer, or do you destroy the engine room? Do you grab that key card, or head for the escape pods? Choose wisely – your fate depends on the path you pick! Whether you play solo or with a friend, the goal is the same: find the path that uses the entire deck and save the Earth! Enhances the following skills: Language & Vocabulary Development. Includes 56 over-sized cards and rules of play.

Jump Ship Cardventure #2

How to Play: As the captain of the Black Bounty, it’s up to you to chart your own course through this pirate Cardventure! Should you defend your boat from enemy pirates, or do you go...

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