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Klutz Neon Chalk Lettering

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Age:8-12 years
MSRP:$25.99 ca
$18.99 us
Tester Reviews


It's like a really cool sketch book. I like how I can draw, colour and I can even trace with the toy, and the colours and designs are really cool. The toy is good to bring in the car for family's that drive a lot. I like how the pictures can be cut out and hung on a door like a sign. Ava (F10)

I learned about how to make different styles of lettering for signs and I  liked reading about how to do letters, and different little designs to add to pictures. But I really didn't like the markers because they were not neon..they were not bright on the black paper so it was disappointing. I thought if i would let my work dry the markers would become neon but it didn't. Camilla (F11)

I don't know why it is called chalk because they are markers. I like you can draw with bright colours on black paper, but You have to wait a few seconds for the makers to dry before the full bright colours appear. The book shows you how to make different types of letters so they look different and stand out. Besides letters you could also practice drawing with it. I like that you didn't have to do everything at once and you could go back any time you wanted and do it again. Tiago (M8)

I like learning and tracing different cursive. I liked the neon colours but I only had 2 [the others were dried out]. It was interesting to make signs. It shows you different fonts like the computer, but I got bored with it as I only had 2 colours. I used them though. Lydia (F11)


I really liked this book. I had a similar (less colourful) font sketch book when I was young and it was wonderful to see my son (8) explore different ways of writing and creative options to handwritten text. He is familiar with using different fonts but only on a digital platform. The colours are really bright. They have to dry for it to really stand out against the black pages. Each page in the book gives different opportunities to explore fonts and simple drawings. This book was at a perfect skill level age 8+. I think any younger than that children might be too focused on writing a message instead of making the message have the most impact with designs. I was so happy to share my love of bubble letters with my son! I feel like this book created a strong font bond between us and it was as fun for me as it was for him to test. Susan Chaves

I have seen these books before and they are normally quite popular with the tweens. This one is good as well. Offers 4 different markers, unfortunately, 2 of them were already dried out (blue and orange). My daughter ( F11) loves making signs, 3D lettering and cards, but being limited to 2 colours only she had given up on this craft sooner than expected. I have tried to contact Klutz via their FB page but to no avail. It is really hard to find any CS contact info going thru their corporate website. But who knows, maybe they will answer me in the future:-) The box is well designed. It can serve as an excellent "work in progress" storage. Nice fonts to learn, cute sign ideas and lots of black paper to create your signs. It is environmentally friendly except for the markers. Marta Wisniewski

My daughter (10) loves the designs and the fluorescent colours that come with it. Funkier designs then most colouring activity books for this age group. The fluorescent colours provided are a hit as well. Quality seems really good. Thicker pages to avoid tearing, sturdy cover which makes a good surface for a colouring page. I like that it's not just colouring pages in a book. The signs for the bedroom door are super cute. The colours really stand out too which I didn't expect them to be as bright because of the black paper. They work great though. My child is really loving this. The fluorescent colours and the funky designs on the pages are a real hit. My younger child (M3) has desperately been trying to get in on the fun too. Danielle Cavalcante

My daughter 11 was so excited to test this toy and liven up the black pages with the neon markers.  She read all instructions and then set to work using all the markers, pencils and diligently worked to complete most of the pages. I can't tell you the disappointment when the colours didn't live up to her expectations. She was so disappointed to see that her work looked rather dull and didn't stand out like the cover did. She is not sure if it was the markers -  perhaps the markers are just not "neon" enough. But the book is neat in that is shows you techniques on how to create bold letting, curved lettering, details or different lines. My daughter was able to follow alot of the ideas , it was the quality of the markers that ruined it for her. The image on the cover of the book is beautiful, it makes you believe that the markers will be neon like the cover. But these markers do not show the same colour. Orietta Miranda

Manufacturer's Description

Electrify your words and learn to draw beautiful, fun, vibrant letters in NEON! With more than 25 letter-drawing activities in this book including mini quote posters and customizable flip signs for your bedro