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Klutz Design Your Own Dream Room

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Age:8-12 years
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I like to mix and match and take a quiz which room is best for you. I like that it comes with lots of pieces and I can switch things around. I like to do it again and again and move things around to make the room looks different. Usually my craft kits aren't reusable - this one we can set up a room next then crash it and start again. BUt I don't like punching out so many little pieces and I accidentally ripped some of the stuff. Zahra (F9)

There are a bunch of options to make a cool room! Mackenzie, F8

I love that you can do your own designs and there's so much to choose from. It has a ton of designs. More than you need. You can plan the room first and then choose what matches best. I like the quizzes where you learn about your own style. It got pretty messy. There's a pocket at the back but not everything fits. But it was a lot of fun. I could design rooms all day long. It was pretty easy and there was so much stuff in this book. Ava (F8)

There's so many different designs! I love the pink hearts and the bunnies! I wish I had a room like this! Carleigh f6


Ava f8 and Carleigh f6 absolutely love this book. Ava being the more creative one has a passion for designing, so this book was perfect for playing. The girls loved the quiz that helped them learn about their own personal style, then picking out their favourite colours and swatches to design their rooms. The instructions were awesome. The girls wanted to dive right in to the designing. They especially liked planning (on page 7) what exactly their swatch was for (music notes for the headboard, polka dots for the chair, etc.. ). They love all the different ways to design the room, whether it be the punch out articles or cutting from the papers at the back of the book to mix and match and put the room together. I like how the rooms fold out to allow for even more play space. The pages are very sturdy and the quality is fantastic. It would be neat to have some texture to some of the paper, like carpet or felt. It can get a little messy with all the cutting and swatches laying about so we use a large ziploc bag to keep things together. The tape sheet can be tricky to work with as the tape is really thin and difficult to grasp. Carleigh (F6) was not able to remove the sticky squares from the sheet, I even had a hard time. There are so many options and different rooms to design that I don't see the girls getting tired of this book anytime soon. Having textured papers would make this book even better! I love how it inspires creativity and imagination. It also gives us ideas on how to design the girls rooms in the near future! Tammy Wiseman

Zahra (F9) is loving this set. Even after almost two months she is still playing with it regularly. She enjoys the different room styles and the endless combinations of design. She liked doing the quiz to find out her style. The rooms start out mostly bare and pieces fit in nicely. The only complaint is in the paper thickness of the punch-out pieces. They are very thin and many pieces got ripped in the process of punching things out. We used large ziplock bags to store each style as there is not built in storage. It would be nice if pieces were laminated. Excellent cost value - I was surprised she liked it that much. I may laminate the pieces and put tac-it on the back so they re-stick able. Lisa Gohm

Only used it once to create a few rooms. Not something she is going back to constantly. This is a craft book that would be good to have when redoing a kids bedroom, or moving to a new place. For an everyday play, not the best at our house as it created expectations that we were redoing a room based on the creations!! Fun if your kids like decorating and creating fake rooms. Cathy Maltais

Manufacturer's Description

Decorate the room of your dreams with this unique interior design portfolio. Different activity sections let you experiment right away with patterns, colors, and spaces to decorate a room like a designer extraordinaire! Transform a range of rooms into boho-chic, glam rock, vintage, modern, and more styles with 300+ patterns and punch-out pieces. Get inspired and design spaces that look like they came right out of a magazine!

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