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Early Impressions

Great brain building fun. Everyone has the same five magic trick inspired pieces that stack or nest together. Players race to match the challenge card by making sure the coloured objects on the card are visible, grey-toned ones are hidden inside other pieces, and any objects missing from the card are set aside.

Tester Reviews


I like that it's a fast paced game and it's fun. I find it interesting that there can be so many different combinations of putting objects together in different ways. It's fun to come up with the right way faster than everyone else. It's a game that I can play with my little sister (5) and also my neighbour, who is a few years older than me. Everyone likes it. David (M7.5)

I like the puzzles and I like the idea of the game to figure out what pieces to stack, but I didn't like having to race against someone else to get the answer. I did not like that it was a race because it was too much thinking and stacking in a short amount of time and my parents were always faster then me. It's not fun to play if you lose every round. I wish it was a puzzle game with different levels of difficultly rather then a racing game. Kyle (M9)


It's a great game, simple yet brilliant! My kids really liked all the pieces and we play often, but each session is relatively short (compared to other games). It's a totally different type of game than anything else we have. It's easy to understand and it's one of those games that the more you play, the better you get at it. So if anything, my children want to play more frequently now than initially because they got better at it. Even my 5 year old likes this game and had no problem understanding it, so I think it's good for ages 5 to 12, but if one is much better than the other, then that could be frustrating for the slower one. It's a totally unique game! Instead of having a board, you just have cards and pieces and you have to arrange the pieces in certain ways to match the cards. I'm not sure what specific skillit's teaching, but it has an educational feel to it! Wendy Krakowski

I had hopes for this game since we liked Ghost Blitz. My kids (F6 & M9) liked the fast solving of the puzzle, but struggled with coordinating their stack quickly. I suggested practicing but neither kid seemed interested. Neither wanted to play this race game as they found it harder to be fast with stacking than with just figuring out a single answer like in ghost blitz. The skill level was find but you needed to play against someone with the same skill level which is harder to come by. Allison Munro

Manufacturer's Description

Put on your hat, break out your props, and hide your rabbits in this magical match up! When the challenge card is flipped over, players race to stack their objects in 1 single pile following 3 simple rules: objects printed in color must be visible o