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Klutz Grow Your Own Crystal Jewelry

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Requires the assistance and strict supervision by adults who have studied the precautions and instruction in the book. The work area should be a solid surface with a heat-resistant top and kept clear of obstacles, and away from the storage of feed. It should be well lit, well ventilated, and close to a water supply. SAFETY INFORMATION: 1. The crystal powder is aluminum potassium sulfate (alum) and can cause irritation to your eyes, mouth and skin - avoid skin contact with the dry powder or liquid solution. 2. The yellow dye contains Yellow #5 which is a known irritant for some people. 3. Eye protection is not included, but recommended. 4. When painting with the glaze, work near an open window or door for ventilation. Avoid breathing in the vapors from the glaze.
Early Impressions

This looks pretty fantastic, but it does require substantial adult involvement and takes a great deal of time and a lot of patience. The 48 page book provides both inspiring projects, as well as excellent science explanations with useful tips and trouble shooting suggestions. Certainly one of the best designed crystal-making kits we've seen. Add to that the opportunity to turn those crystals into pretty jewelry. We're pretty excited about the book, and look forward to hearing how it actually works out for our play testing families.

Tester Reviews


I like the idea of making my own jewelry and the pictures were really nice, but I gave up after failing to make a crystal because I used the wrong sort of water. It takes too long to do. Mia (F13)

I like chemistry and this is a pretty sophisticated experiment. I got involved after my little sister made a flop with her crystal, she skipped all the introduction information, I find that is the best part, It is like what I am taught at school about experiments which is kinda cool. Genevieve (F16)

This craft has a very neat idea, but it did not work for me. It worked in the beginning, but after that, the crystal did not grow properly. Maybe I will try it again and it will grow next time. If it would have worked, it would have been really cool. I like that there are different colours to make your crystal all look different. I also like that there are a lot of different types of jewelry that you can make. Matana (F16)


There needs to be a lot of parental involvement and you really have to read the instructions well and follow everystep or else the crystal will not grow. When we did finally create a crystal it was very fragile the kids handled it a lot and it fell on the ground and it broke. At first Mia (F13) and Genevieve (F16) we interested in seeing the end result, but there are many setps before you actually see the crystal grow, we had not read the part `distilled`water and used regular water from the tap, so it did not work. 2nd attempt is a day later as we waited the required amount of time before finding out mistake. We lost Mia`s interest by that point. Genevieve is interested in Chemistry so she kept on. I liked the way that the whole concept of how chemistry in so much part of our lives to be fascinating, but the kids kinda skipped over that part to get to the `good-stuff` and create the crystal. The information in the book is excellent, we should have created more than 1 crystal at a time to kept the interest up, we just did not have enough mason jars to hang the pipe cleaner and keep the other jars with the distilled water in. I feel bad that it did not work for our family. Marie-Lise Hache

The experiments were fun and exciting. My daughter 11 loved to see the crystals forming. she followed the instructions carefully which in itself is a great skill and managed to create some great looking rings that she shared with some of her school friends. I like the easy instructions that the book provides. great illustrations to help with figuring out how to follow the experiment. Orietta Miranda

We tried this many times, but the crystal just didn't grow. Matana (F15) was very excited to try this out and we kept monitoring the growth, but nothing happened. Rebecca Young

This kit includes everything a scientist needs to make necklaces, statement ring, a pair of earrings and a decorative colossal crystal. Crystal-clear instructions and fun facts about crystal chemistry spark creativity every step of the way. The only additional thing you need to provide is a set of glass jars to grow crystals. It is a craft for older children grade 6 and up I would say or for those little ones obsessed about rocks, crystal growing and chemistry all together. Great educational hands on experience. Requires patience. Marta Wisniewski

Manufacturer's Description

7 sparkly projects to make and wear: Explore the science of gems and minerals while crafting 7 dazzling, crystal projects in your choice of colors. This kit includes everything a stylish scientist needs to make 3 pendant necklaces, 2 statement rings, a pair of earrings and a decorative colossal crystal. Crystal-clear instructions and fun facts about crystal chemistry spark creativity every step of the way.

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