Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 9
Cost Value 7
Design 10
Quality 10
Parent Appeal 8


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MSRP:$99.99 ca
$79.99 us
Model:Item: B5142
4 x C (Not Included)
NOTE: Distilled water recommended.
Early Impressions

Very popular with our kid-testers who loved this baby dragon, especially her happy banter and cool features - like red-lit, firey-looking cold mist spewing from her mouth to 'roast' the water-sensitive, colour-changing marshmallow.

Tester Reviews


I like that he can saw 'wow' and he can blow smoke and spray water on people and he is a dragon. If you press his tummy he blows out fire and roasts a marshmallow. His ears are orange and hairy and fluffy. He is soft and fuzzy and cute like a little baby and he has a cute little tooth. He is bigger than my other toys but not as big as my Barbie house and he sits down. I love him because he is so cute and fuzzy. His favourite word is 'wow' so I call him Wow Wow. He's my baby dragon. I don't like it when he moves his tail because then I can't pet him on his tail. But I like when he looks at me with his big eyes. Siobhan (F5)

I like the marshmallow roasting and all the noises she makes, you can move her legs around so she can either stand or hug you. I like to try to make the same noises she makes. It was hard for my mom to tell which one of us was roaring. I like that the marshmallow actually looked like it was roasting and when she roared the her mouth glowed red and it looked like she was blowing fire. I like that you can move her legs around so that she can hug you. Her body is soft and cuddly and it looks like she has scales. I like the fire breathing because it looked smokey like real fire. I don't like that she can't walk. it would be more fun if she could walk. I like Torch better then Starlily the Unicorn because she's cuter and Rrrarrs. My favorite of the fur-reals is the panda but the dragon is my second favorite. I made her a place to sleep in my room so I can put her to bed at night. I like that she goes to sleep. Autumn (F6)

I really like that the smoke is actually just water and the fur is so soft! It is fun to make Torch breath smoke and I like all the funny noises she makes, like when she says "Whoa bubba"! I didn't like that Torch didn't breathe smoke every time I pressed the buttons. Raina F5

I love this dragon Furreal friend. I like the colour and the orange fire on her. The marshmallow toasting was cool and putting the water in the top to make steam was amazing. Sometimes the marshmallow doesn't work and the steam doesn't work right away. I wish she did more movements like walking would be cool. Zahra (F8)

I like that it's a Dragon. I love Dragons. And I like that it roasts marshmallows! and that it talks and makes noises. It makes sounds when you touch different spots. Mia (F5)


My kids M8 and F5 are in love with him! They thought he was the cutest creature ever and his movements and sounds were sweet. This dragon bought a certain happiness to our house. He is a smiley little guy with a fun personality. The blowing of smoke and the constant 'wow' never seems to get old to them. He is an ugly little thing but they think he is the cutest creature ever. I think one of the reasons my daughter loved Torch so much was because it is like a baby doll with it's characteristics mixed with the action and excitement of a dragon. I was amazed by their fascination as I found Torch to be quite limited - although the dragon 'roasts' a marshmallow, which is the coolest thing I have seen a toy do in a long time. The kids were also amazed by this. Torch was as interesting to my 5 year old as my 8 year old and my kids continued to enjoy playing the entire time. While they didn't play constantly, when they did it was for quite some time and were very sad to pass it on to another family for testing. I believe it is a bit expensive but for what you get which is a robotic dragon baby, it is well priced. The quality of the toy justifies the cost. This is a well constructed toy. The fur is so soft and the toy itself seems very strong. Everything operates correctly and with ease and it is built to last. The box Torch came in was excellent. The display and presence of the toy in the box added extra excitement and wow factor. Even before we opened the toy, the kids already had it in their minds that they were going to love it. My kids couldn't find a single thing they didn't like about Torch or anything they would change. To them, he was perfect. The roasting of the marshmallow is really cute and fun for the kids, although I do not like how it says wow non-stop! The dragon just lived on my daughter's bed. We have Star Lily and I was expecting the same reaction of excitement and then indifference but my daughter (5) is more engaged in this dragon. Far more than she was with Star Lily. Susan Chaves

Everyone who sees Torch, adults and my kids F5 & M2.5 are instantly interested. Torch is a really cool interactive toy with fire breathing smoke, unlike any toy we've seen before. She has such a great look - big eyes that blink, bright, colourful fur and funny big, hairy ears. She makes really cute noises, including sneezing and burping, which my kids find very funny. The smoke/steam is also pretty amazing to see - a dragon that breathes smoke! My kids, F5 and M2.5 loved to fill the dragon with water so it will breathe 'fire'. It is very easy for my 5 year old to fill Torch with water for the smoke feature to work. The steam smoke and red light are really cool, it is unlike anything the kids have seen before. They also are spending a lot of time to try and roast the whole marshmallow. The reactions the dragon has are really cute, roaring, sneezing, burping and my daughter is treating Torch like a real pet. She loves to pet Torch until she [the dragon] falls asleep. Torch has very soft fur which they also like. But interest in Torch dwindled much faster than I expected. My kids couldn't stop playing with Torch for the first week. The second week they played with her for just a few minutes everyday, and by the third week I would have to remind them to play with Torch. We did find that the noises she makes become very repetitive and though my daughter had more success that I, we weren't always able to make the steam come out, so I think that started to bore my 5 year old. Rebecca D'Silva

My daughter (6) initially loved playing pretend with the dragon and treated it like a pet. The light up mouth and misting for breathing fire works really well and she spent a long time trying to get her marshmallow fully brown. The ears moving and the noises are great too -  she loves all the different noises, hiccups, burps and sounds that the dragon makes. The fur feels really soft and is a great idea instead of hard plastic scales as it makes the dragon more cuddly. My daughter likes to imitate the noises the dragon makes and has brought her around everywhere we go. She thinks the dragon is the cutest Furreal toy she has seen so far and likes how you can move her arms to cuddle her.  After awhile of playing she makes sleeping noises which is cute. She loves to cuddle it and put it to bed. It took a bit of effort to get the dragon out of the box, about 5-10 minutes. We did have to buy 4 C batteries so we couldn't use the toy right away. My daughter has had other furreal friends and she really likes them all at first but then looses interest after a bit. I like that this dragon does not have an iPad game with it as often that becomes the main play she wants to do with the toy. This time she is enjoying treating the dragon as her pet and having it breathe fire.  She did really enjoy the dragon but after she had played with it for awhile and seen everything that the dragon could do she wasn't interested anymore. Allison Munro

We have enjoyed many Furreal friend toys over the years. This one appeared more exciting than it actually was, the misty fire was something new and novel that we haven't seen before, but the staying power wasn't strong because the novelty quickly wore off and there wasn't much in the way of novel noises and phrases, or any other function to keep  Zahra (F9) interested. She played with it about the same amount as she played with her other Furreal friends. The 'steam' and the cute noises are the best features. We also like that it has a soft blue fur with some orange fur that looks like flame. It's cute and could be a girl or boy dragon. Zahra (F8) wanted to open and play with this toy first. She explored all the functions and talks to it like it's alive. The dragon is her favourite colour and sounds like a baby. There was some issues with warm up time - after adding the water it took some time to get the steam starting. Sometimes that marshmallow would toast and sometimes not and it needed a lot of drying time in between play sessions. I've seen it in the store and I think it's over priced. The toy drips a little between play sessions while dormant - but too much, and putting it on a placement solved the problem. Lisa Gohm

Mia (F5) enjoys this toy but it's limited in what it actually does. It really only makes purring sounds and says "wow" a LOT. The roasting marshmallow in the steam breath is neat, but can only hold attention for so long, although it was neat to talk about how the water you pour into the toy turns into the steam coming out of its mouth. Mia definitely loves the fact that Torch roasts a marshmallow and she loves filling up the water and generally interacting with the Dragon, but after a few minutes she loses interest. I think this is a toy that has wider appeal with a group of kids - Mia seems to have more fun playing with someone else than on her own. Excellent quality. Given that you have to pat and touch this toy in many ways to interact with it, it has held up well. Sophie Lafleur

Manufacturer's Description

Kids can get carried away into a world of fantasy pet fun with Torch, My Blazin' Dragon. Imagine that that he lives deep in an enchanted forest, inside a colorful crystal cave. One thing's for sure -- this adorable baby dragon with the fiery personality is full of fun and surprises. Take care of him and discover what exciting things this fantastical pet can do! Includes pet, color-change treat, water vial, 2 extra filters, and instructions.

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