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Model:Item: B3415
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I like making the hair for the fireman and water to put out the fire. I like the hat to put on the people. I like pushing things down to make little things and you get to play with the fire dog who helps the fireman. Samantha (F5)


The toy is fun because you get to use play-doh to make pieces to add to the play value, such as making fire, or water for the fire hydrant and cannon. Also, that you can use the firehouse which has molds on it to make small pieces. Also fun that you can squeeze play-doh out of the cannon and hydrant to make it look like water. F3 was unable to use the molds to make play-doh pieces for the toy. Maybe that would be better suited for a 4 year old. She still enjoyed playing with the play-doh separately, or playing with the firehouse, fireman, and dog separately from the play-doh. Initially, F5 and F8 were also very interested in playing with this toy. However, their interest quickly dwindled. I think it was a combination of timing (start of school so they had less free time to play) and that they had already played quite a bit with the play-doh 3 in 1 town centre and ice cream truck from the previous testing period, so the novelty of this toy wore off faster. That being said, it could also be that they were less interested in the theme. If it involved princesses, their interest might have been maintained longer. F3 was interested in just playing with the play-doh but not to use it with the firehouse. For the price of this toy, I would have liked to have seen a fire truck come with it and perhaps if the fire truck was included with the firehouse, there would be more play value. Sandra Wong

Manufacturer's Description

Hey, chief -- there's a fire in Play-Doh Town! Luckily the Firehouse is right nearby, and this can-do firefighter is ready to squish out the Play-Doh flames. Create an emergency scene by stacking the Play-Doh cans and putting the roof on top. Use the fire stamper to add colorful flames, and squeeze a silly escape pole. The half-molds shape other rescue essentials, like a radio or an alarm bell. Get the firefighter ready by creating a wild hairstyle and putting on his hat. Use the stamps on his feet to make his radio and a pretend treat for his pup. Help him battle the flames with the water cannon extruder, make a hose with the fire hydrant, or chop the flames out with the axe, which also fits in the firefighter's hand. And make sure to take the dog for a walk, or it might have its own emergency! The garage can also fit the Fire Truck (sold separately) for even more rescue missions. Playing the hero (or even the mischief-maker) can be