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I like it when the girl dances and the bottom lights up. They can have a dance party. She can move her head around, backwards and forwards. And the boy can change his head around too. I like the snacks for the trolls and their house has hair on top too like them. Opening the troll house its fun. They have cool windows. But I don't like that the cupcakes always shake and fall off the table. Siobhan (F5)

I love their hair. I like how it opens up into a house and I like that Poppy and Branch can dance! It turns around and lights up! I love this little moth! Hanging up the clothes on the hangers is fun. Mia (F5)

I like the sparkly Trolls and the cute little capes they can change into. I like that you can change the clothes of the characters and that you can do their hair and shake it up and the hair turns messy again. It has little clothes rod and shelves to put snacks on. But it's hard to hang up the clothes to stay up. The pod is also super cute. It looks like a tulip flower but it opens. It is shimmery and sparkly and so are the characters. It is small so you can take it places. The light and spinning stage are super cool. I like that you can spin the floor inside and you can push the button and the floor glows like a diamond. I can't wait to see the movie and learn about the characters. Zahra (F9)

I think that the dolls [trolls] are so cute! Elizabeth (F4.5)


Zahra (F9) likes the little trolls the best and played with the pod periodically. We have been testing before the movie comes out and I think she lost interest after a couple of weeks because she wants to see the movie and understand the characters more so she can retell the story. The trolls are cute like the original trolls but have sparkly skin. We love fantastical creatures and these are a great spin off from Disney Frozen Trolls. The toy was quickly assembled (snapped together so fast) and was ready to play with. Like that it self-stores the pieces inside. No play guide - what would be helpful is a summary of the Troll movie or introduction to the characters. There was a small pamphlet inside showing the different sets you can get though. There are a variety of items to play with to make up stories about the characters. It would be a good set to start building a collection from, although no other toys are available yet. The Trolls are super cute and sparkly. There are lots of cute accessories that come with the set that makes it appealing. The light up stage is cute and you can spin it manually, though 3 AAA batteries are required. It's a bit flimsy but is holding together well, and everything stores inside the pod as long as it's not tipped. The pink and green pod is attractive and can be carried without the pieces falling out. It's cute and compact and encourages her imagination. Lisa Gohm

A cute little set. The two trolls are adorable with sparkles in their hair. My daughter (5) loved the hair on top of the pod. She also likes the dance floor but wanted it to make music as well as light up. There are several small pieces some of which we have already lost. As she became more familiar she played with it less. I think if the movie was out and she could get to know the characters on another level that might change. She could operate it with out any issues. She could put the crown and skirt on herself. She wasn't interested in the hanger provided because they didn't actually hang any of the troll clothes on it. She said the table was also wiggly and the cupcakes would sometimes fall off. There are a lot of different features with this toy. You can open and close the pod, the trolls can play inside or outside. It's compact and everything can be stored inside. Pretty solid built. Nice flat graphic style in side. Reminds me of old Strawberry Shortcake toys. I think my daughter will be very excited to see this movie. We have already watched the preview and she is very excited. Susan Chaves

Mia (F5) enjoys playing with Poppy and Branch, and finds it fun to have a toy that is currently a movie. It was good to have two characters and the house pod is really cute, and the light up floor is a great feature. It's fun to  watch how much fun she had with their hair, and setting up the 'closet' and hanging up their clothes on the mini hangers. The light and turning platform definitely enhance the play value. She thought it was hilarious that they could spin and dance on the lit-up platform. She also liked the tiny character friends. The way the pod opens was confusing for Mia at first but once shown, she got the hang of it. For the most part she kept it open to play with. The light-up spinning platform with posts to secure the trolls is a hit. Keeping track of all the bits can be annoying - would have been good to build in storage. Sophie Lafleur

A cute toy that appeals even though my 4 year old had no awareness of what a Troll was at the time. She did loose interest over the testing period and now enjoys having it in her room or on the table with her, but does not really get into playing with it for any length of time. I have been surprised that my girls (4.5 and 8) have not played with this more, especially after watching the Troll movie in the theatre. It is cute, but after the initial excitement, this toy is sitting in the middle of the playroom with not much attention these days. The design is fine; although one of the sides does seem to fall off a lot. Lots of small pieces (easy to loose!). Quality is so-so. A nice feature of this toy is that it all is self contained and can even be carried around (carefully) by the child. The toy is cute, and was especially timely to test as we had just seen the movie. Ruth Burany

Manufacturer's Description

DreamWorks Trolls Poppy is the heroic leader, lifting the spirits of everyone around her with positivity and the belief that, with a song in your heart, you can do anything! Join in on the fun with this fabulous playset, featuring a magical dance floor that lights up and spins. The playset comes with 2 figures: DreamWorks Trolls Poppy and Branch. Change her outfit with the 2 removable dresses, and all of the 11 accessories that are fit for a princess’ party! Includes playset, 2 figures, 1 bug critter, and 11 accessories.

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