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Fancy Foil Butterfly

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I liked doing the gold glue in the stencils and then putting foil overtop to see the words through it. The sparkle glue makes it show up a lot better. It's fun that you have to wrap all the different foil pieces all over the butterfly like a collage so it's very colourful. We had everything we needed including glue. I got to choose whatever words I wanted to put on it and we did a lot of little dots. I liked the stencil words and the gold and glitter glue. It was hard to wrap the foil around the back of the butterfly because it bunches up and tears sometimes. I like that you can decorate the butterfly with a lot of stuff, even jewels, and it's very colorful and fun to have hanging in my room. I like that it's thick because it really stands out on my wall. Ava f8 

I like squeezing the gold colour and the sparkle glue onto the butterfly. When you put the foil on top it shows the lumps and some gold. There's glitter glue and gold glue and extras that you can use for other things. It's a big pice of cardboard so it's thick on your wall like 3d. It's like you have to join a whole bunch of foil together and try to get the words to show through. I didn't like that there was only one piece to do. Carleigh (F6)

I love embellishing. I have done other types of art but never embellishing so that was really something for me. I could create my own design, then wait, then cover it with glamour! I like trying new things - like embellishing! I liked everything about my butter fly and that there is enough stuff to embellish something else. Lydia (F11)


It was a fun original activity that took a lot of patience with both the gluing of the foil and letting the gold glue dry. The girls are quite proud of their butterfly and have asked if there are different ones like it to buy in the stores. The instructions include a step by step guide which we found very helpful, although the girls didn't understand what embossing was so I did have to explain that to them. They were able to do this craft without much help. They each worked on a half and there was plenty of foil to share. They each chose the words that inspired them to stencil in. One would hold the stencil down while the other used the gold paint/glue to fill it in. The kit included several tips which I thought were great, including not sticking the jewels on top of the dried embossing because they would not stick well. Ava (F8) enjoyed using the space in the instructions to plan out her creation. The girls loved the jewels and using the stencils and gold paint to create words. We found that cutting the word or individual letters out of the stencil helped to not smudge existing work. We like how the butterfly is very thick and doesn't sit flat against the wall. There are many different foils to choose from and the stencils allow for various creations. Wrapping the foil around the sides of the butterfly makes it look really good. The foil that wraps around the back needs a whole lot of glue or else it scrunched up. The foil did tear at times while adding glue or wrapping it around the back so you just need to be extra careful but if it does tear, it can still be used. We taped the foil in the back because the glue didn't hold as well and the foil tended to bunch up. I had to hold the stencils down for carleigh f6 while she squeezed the gold embossing so nothing smudged. Otherwise, the girls were able to make the rest of the butterfly themselves. The girls didn't like waiting over an hour for the embossing to dry but were eager to start back at it afterwards. The glitter glue really makes the words pop out. You really need to use a lot of glue to get the foil to wrap around to the back or the butterfly. The butterfly is quite thick (a few inches I'd say) and looks great on Avas bedroom wall. Her end product is not much different from what is shown on the box, so it was definitely a success. There is plenty of foil included. This craft made for some good rainy day afternoon fun as I sat with the girls and we all worked on it together. Tammy Wiseman

A great craft for creative children wanting to learn the art of embossing. Use the stencils and embossing gel to add personal messages and patterns to the shimmering colored foil before decorating your butterfly. Once you complete you designs with the gel on the cardboard butterfly you have to wait until it dries before you apply the shimmering foil and the final touches to it. Once you finish your work of art yo may hang it on the hook provided or place it on display on the shelf with the provided easel. Be sure your friends will be asking about it. Marta Wisniewski

Manufacturer's Description

Accessorize your room with an array of functional, fashionable and fun projects. Personalize your space, Beautiful Butterflies to reflect your style to create an ambiance that's totally you. Learn how to emboss using our special embossing gel and foil to create your own shining butterfly décor. Create dynamic designs using stencils and your own creativity Hang your butterfly on the wall with the included hanger hook or perch it on a table, dresser or mantle using the easel stand Includes butterfly shape, embossing gel, foil sheets and shapes, glue, hanger hook and easel stand 11.5” x 9”

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