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Pictoweave Wall Hanging

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I really like the dog picture and the pink sparkly wool. It's fun that you have to rip off the strips of paper and then put them back together to make a picture kind of like a puzzle. It was fun to weave the yarn and set up the loom. It's pretty neat to see what it looks like in the end and have a cool picture to hang on your wall. But the picture went like an hourglass shape instead of a rectangle. I think we did it too tight. But it still looks good. I had a hard time figuring out how to do the dangling yarns at the bottom. I think the yarn should all be the same size because I'm some parts it looks thicker than the rest. Ava (almost 9) 

We never did weaving before but it's pretty easy. You just have to go in and out of the strings. You get to choose between two pictures and then you're learning how to weave. I like the puppy picture and the hanging threads at the bottom. And that you can hang it on the wall. You peel the strips of paper to make the picture over again. It's hard to do and it goes a little bit crooked. And there's not much room to put extra yarn at the top and bottom. Carleigh F6


It was challenging for both F6 and F8 and far from perdect, but the girls like what they have created. It required a lot of adult assistance, especially weaving around the image. The instructions were great, with diagrams and step by step reading. I did need to provide clarification on a few areas and there were many redos of weaving over and under. We tied ends where we weren't supposed to and cut out rows that should have been included. It came out just ok. I didn't like having to fold the strips of paper after weaving through the thread. The papers got in the way of threading around the image. It is probably best to cut them off. When we threaded around the image, it pulled the thread in instead of staying in place. Perhaps our original looming of thread from top to bottom was not loose enough, although we did try to make it loose. So now our finished product looks more like an hourglass instead of a rectangle. The different choices in design and thread colour is good. We had to remove some strips of paper because it wouldn't all fit in the loom, and we barely used any thread on top and bottom because there wasn't a whole lot of space. The girls still like their creation though. It was a little bit complicated for my girls' first experience with weaving. They did enjoy both options (puppy and word art) and loved the yard colours. It was a nice craft for us all to work on together. Tammy Wiseman

Manufacturer's Description

This is weaving made easy! Create fun word or photo art into a wall tapestry that will brighten up the room’s décor while making a signature statement. Learn the technique then use the loom again and again. Includes 1 sturdy wood loom (10.125” x 11.8”), strips of photo art, 49 yards of yarn, needle threader, needle, tasseling-teddle, scissors, and dowel rods.

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