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Klutz Nail Charms

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Age:8-12 years
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I was allowed to do my nails, by myself, however I wanted! I invited my friend before Halloween and we all did a different design. My mum was happy we finally got to use her nail polish she never uses. I get to do different design for almost any occasion. I am going to a wedding on Saturday and I will be making my own nails:-) flowers and bells. Lydia (F11)

I love all the different nail designs and the charms and glitter! - especially the owl and penguins! It's fun choosing which design to do. There's a lot of cute ones and I want to try them all. I like that it tells you exactly how to do the designs. I wish it came with nail Polish and the same colours as what is in the designs. Also it was hard to keep the charms together and not spill them. You can't expect your design to look perfectly the same as in the book but it's still fun to try and it looks good anyways. Ava (F8)

I like looking at all the different designs we can do on our nails. We can even make our own, like I want to make a Shopkins design! Carleigh F6


We have enjoyed this nail set from day one, which happened to be Halloween. That night we used it to create a unicorn on my daughters (F10) nails. it was a total success. Lovely book/instructions, so easy to follow even if you only have a small amount of a talent:-) you need different colours of nail polish to complete the art. The kit includes everything else like stickers, sparkles, charms. My daughter (now 11) is into doing her nail now-a-days, that is why we were happy to test this toy. Again, Klutz comes with a book / instruction easy to store box with all kinds of charms, stickers & gel to colour your nails crazy! which is what my daughter loves! BUt watch out, as the sparkles do not come off easily! Her interest is still pretty high in comparison to other craft type of toys as almost every weekend she redoes her nails (with or without a friend). It has handy storage and cutest illustrations of step by step template designs. Quality is as expected for this type of nail craft. Some of the sparkles or charms if not secured may fall off the nails but it is to be expected but it is very hard to remove them using nail polish remover. I think it is a bit expensive but I looked around and it is now available in wide range of prices. Marta Wisniewski sparkles, charms. Way to go Klutz. Marta Wisniewski

The girls F8 and F6 absolutely love the book with all of the designs and bright pictures. They love all the different charms and glitter and stickers included. They have had the Klutz Nail Art book before but this is definitely a step up and more exciting considering all of the charms included. The instructions were perfect. Step by step instructions and step by step photos really helped. I am disappointed that no nail polish was included. Also, the girls want to try the designs exactly as pictured, so we had to go out and buy many different colours of nail polish. I know that past versions of Klutz Nail Art included nail polish, so a combination of nail polish and charms would have been ideal. The book itself is great, but don't like the storage for the charms. I love the step by step guide on how to do the nails. The charms are not well stored and spill. My girls are definitely not able to paint their nails according to the instructions and pictures. A few were doable, like the polka dots and plain colour with charms, but the fingernails are so small that it was nearly impossible to work with them. I even tried it on myself and the designs are not easy to recreate! When we apply the glitter, it tends to go everywhere on the nail instead of the one spot you want it to go. The charms do not stay on very long (with all the hand washing and playing), but on toes, seem to stay longer (although we can only work on big toes, as the other toenails are too small to do anything with). We used toothpicks for dots and lines but it was definitely frustrating. I think it would take a lot of practice to come close to the pictures in the book. We pretty much improvised as we went, with the charms being the highlight of it all. The girls still enjoy trying to make the designs on each other, the end result is disappointing. Tammy Wiseman

Manufacturer's Description

Make your manicure shimmer, sparkle, and shine with 3D nail charms! Start your very own nail salon with 400+ gems and charms to wear on your nails. Learn to paint mix-and-match nail designs and add decorative charms with the 2-in-1 detail brush tool. A step-by-step instructional book with more than 30 designs will make your nails picture-perfect.

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