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Klutz Coloring Cute

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Age:6-10 years
MSRP:$21.99 ca
$16.99 us
Tester Reviews


I really like the cute little pictures and the cool pencils. I like the names of the pencils and my favorite pencil name is happy go lucky green. The instructions were easy for me to read and I liked the ideas. I did a really nice rainbow picture like the instructions said. I liked making postcards and giving them to my mom and dad. I didn't like that the pictures that are double sided because if you want to hang it up you have to pick your favorite and both sides are so cute. I had fun coloring with Daddy and making postcards. Autumn (F7)

Every page has cute faces everywhere! Some pages have pink outlines instead of the usual black outlines. Ava f8 

The pictures are soooo cute!!!! My crayon is named Happy Go Lucky green and hers (f8) is Miss Violet Bunny. I like that almost everything has faces, even the pencils have faces on them. Sometimes the outline is pink. It has double sided crayons, but it would be good to have even more crayons included. Carleigh (F6)

I love to colour! I really like the postcards and I already sent one out to my grandfather for his birthday - he's going to love it! The paper is good quality - it doesn't rip so easily. The designs are interesting. It's not like baby-ish pictures. I just wish there were more pages with robots and fewer with hearts. Boys like to colour, too! I'm colouring the girly pages for my sister. I don't like the pencil crayons. They broke a lot and there just aren't enough colours included. I use my markers instead. I have lots of colours with fine tips, so they work way better than the pencil crayons. David (M7)

I really like the pictures and I like the pencil crayons, too. Sara (F5)


This is a wonderful craft! My daughter (7) has used it at home, at bedtime and at restaurants as it's easily portable and full of stuff she loves to colour. I realize that this is just a colouring book - but it is a really great colouring book.  The 2-sided pencils with cute names, instructions on different types of colouri