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Go! Go! Smart Friends® Enchanted Princess Palace™

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Age:1-5 years
MSRP:$69.99 ca
$44.99 us
Model:Product Number: 80-177500
4 x AAA (Not Included)
Tester Reviews


I love the castle and Darla, but I wish there were more dolls that came with it! I like how Darla says different things when I put her in different places. The buttons all make noises and the princess talks wherever she is. I like the stairs, the swing and the fancy castle. I like playing with the princess and bringing all my other Little People into the castle with her. It's a lot bigger than my doll houses so there are more rooms that the princess can go. I wish it came with another princess. And I don't like that it sometimes comes apart. When it's clean up time, I have to put it away and fold it up and sometimes the stairs come off and it's hard to fix afterwards. Sara (F5)

I really like the swing and I like to make the girl dance. Chaya (F3)


It's a fun castle that promotes imaginative play. My daughters, ages 3 and 5, enjoy it, but they mostly just play with the princess and with the swing. They like that Princess Darla says different things when standing in different locations within the castle. My 3 year really likes the swing, too. Even my 16 month old is enjoying pushing Darla on the swing and he's learning how to make Darla dance. My 5 year old mostly just plays with Darla and takes her up the stairs and around the castle. It's a great design for a castle, but it's just huge. It does fold up a little, but I wish there was an additional hinge or place that could be easily separated because it's a challenge to store this thing. It seems to be decent quality, and nothing is broken. It's a good toy for imaginative play, but I generally prefer smaller toys that don't take up all the space in our play room, and there are lots of small doll houses or castles which, I would say, are equally as good in terms of play value and price. It has some nice features, like the swing and the winding staircase, but it's big, so you need to make sure you have the space for it. They still play with the castle occasionally, but they tend to add furniture that we have from our other sets. Princess Darla definitely gets a lot of play time, though! They love her. Wendy Krakowski

Overall my daughter enjoyed playing with this toy. She enjoyed the music and sounds, although I think they could use a "quieter" option. She enjoyed walking the Princess around and the different ways the Princess would interact with different parts of the castle. We didn't get to test the feature where the figures would "talk" to each other as we only have one Princess. I really think another figure should be provided with the toy. Overall I like the design of the toy and I think it's colourful and appealing. There are a lot of different features to the castle that kept my daughter entertained and that would likely appeal to different age levels as well. There's a lot going on with this castle, and lots of different features that can be interacted with, e.g.) there's a bed for the Princess to sleep on, a swing, some stairs and a spot where they can sit and have tea with their friend. I don't like that there is no quiet play mode on this toy like there is on other toys. The sounds and music on the actual toy are quite loud. One other thing was that I was not expecting it to be so long. It can break apart into several pieces though. Although it's a big toy, it's light, so it's easy to move around. This toy comes with 1 Princess, but it would've been nice if it came with 2 to make it a toy that children can play make believe with better. For example, there's a feature where 2 Princesses can sit together and "talk over tea."  For the most part I think this is a well made toy. However, some pieces don't seem to snap in as well as others, or aren't as sturdy. For example, after I put the swing together, my 2 year old was able to take it right apart again. I worry with my 2 year old that her interaction with this toy, might just be a lot of taking it apart. It was easy for my daughter to play with this toy and put the Princess on the different interactive features. There's nothing that she isn't able to use. I'm not sure how appropriate it would be for a 1 year old, but I can see how the interaction with the toy would change as the child grows up and develops in their exploration of make believe.  I do like that the nature of the play with the toy can change with putting the Princess in different interactive spots in the castle. This toy requires 2 AA batteries that are not included, but easy to put in. Instructions are included, but I found I mostly used the picture on the box for guidance. I did feel that it took longer than necessary to put together, and after it took me a good 45 mins to set this thing up my daughter only wanted to play with one part of it - she loved pressing the button on the Princess to make noise and have her talk. Once put together, some parts were easy for my daughter to take apart, so there were some parts that I had to put back together. It's not the easiest toy to store and would probably take some effort to dismantle. My daughter seems to like the music on the toy, and that the Princess talks. She also like pretending to walk the Princess down the stairs. I think with more time she'll learn more about how to interact with it. Shalimar Novak

My kids (M12m, F2.5) have no interest in this toy, which to be honest I find quite surprising because they like musical toys. I think the toy is very fun for imaginary play. My daughter isn't into to much imaginary play at this time so I think she just didn't know what to do with it other then press the buttons. My daughter didn't quite understand that if you put the princess in the slots she says specific sounds and songs, maybe because if you press her she makes noise anyway. The design is great, but a bit flimsy and difficult to close up. My children would not be able to close it. Great details with the stickers. Don't like how the swing never stays on. I think the orange light in the front of the castle is suppose to turn on but doesn't so I think it is broken. I like that you can collapse the toy to close the castle, but I did find it was quite massive and since there are play features on the front and the back of the castle, it was hard for my daughter to turn each time to access different areas. Ellen Spencer

Manufacturer's Description

Explore each magical room in the Go! Go! Smart Friends® Enchanted Princess Palace by VTech®. This epic palace expands to more than four feet wide and has a variety of luxurious rooms, including a ballroom, music room, kitchen, parlor and observation tower. While exploring the palace with Princess Darla, place her on the five MagicPoint™ locations to experience her friendly personality, lights and more. When Princess Darla sits at her MagicChat™ tea set table with a friend (additional characters sold separately), they will chat and sing with each other. Create a whole kingdom with princesses, princes, magical creatures and more with Go! Go! Smart Friends® (sold separately).

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