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Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Treasure Mountain Train Adventure™

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Age:1-5 years
MSRP:$69.99 ca
$49.99 us
3 x AAA (Not Included)
Tester Reviews


I like the train and the music and the balls. And I also liked the grabby thing and the hammer. It's fun to build the track with my Mommy and I like when the train goes around the track. I also like pushing the balls through the holes. Chaya (F3)

I like it best because it catches the balls and they go in the cart. It goes around the track and picks up some balls. I don't like that Forrest doesn't catch two balls, they fall out. t it can talk and sing and go up and down the ramps on its own. And I like that it goes fast. I like picking things up with the crane. I can pick up the ball with the scooper and put it in the big hill. I like to play with Forrest all the time. Robert (M3)

I really like the things the train says and the music. The train moves pretty fast and I like when it goes up and down the ramps. Raina (F5)


Both my son, 3 & daughter, 5 really like that the train, named Forrest, talks and sings. The most fun feature is when the train triggers one of the three shaped balls to fall from the mountain into the cargo holder back of the train. Even though the ball hits a trigger so that it drops automatically my son 3, does a happy dance every time it happens, as though he made it work so perfectly all by himself. They made a game out of stopping the train, removing the ball with the scoop, getting it back to the mountain before the train passed by again so that when the train passes the mountain it will fall back into the train cargo car again. The train moves fairly quickly, so they don't have a lot of time to remove the ball and get it back to the mountain, but they both think this is a really fun game and they work together nicely to make it happen successfully. The track works best in specific configurations. My daughter, 5, was a bit disappointed that the train couldn't go around the track when she set it up. The train would get stuck in the corners. Once I helped set up the train track according to the recommended configurations, both kids were so excited to see the train go around. The train itself is very easy to use for my 3 & 5 year old and has kept them busy for hours during our first week of play. They both also like to play with 'Forrest' off the track around the house. The train moves faster than our other motorized trains and it talks and plays music, so it has quickly become a favourite. It's also a really big train track, which the kids love, but you really need to have the floor space to set it up and devote to this track, as it takes up a space - about 5 x 3 feet. Rebecca D'Silva

My son (2.5 yo) is loving this toy. This is the first toy he's had in a long time that has captured his attention and devotion in this way. He loves setting up the track however he wants it, and the pieces go together easily for him. (Most of the pieces go together like puzzle pieces.) He didn't want to watch the train as it drove around on its own, but the train has a setting that plays music and still allows the kids to push the train around on their own. It was the perfect setting for him. This design is pretty good. The track is colorful and friendly. There are a lot of pieces kids can work with. The train itself also seems to be very sturdy, and we like that it has multiple settings: automatic movement and music, automatic music with manual movement--so kids can drive the car on their own, and off, to fit different kids and different ages. The toy is relatively well made. The pieces fit together smoothly and easily, including the initial setup. Kids need to learn that the track does separate fairly easily however - my son (2.5 yo) was initially frustrated about this but eventually realized it was just part of the game. The mountain in the middle could be stronger to support the rest of the track, and there's a piece of track that's supposed to adhere to the front that keeps falling out. Otherwise, we're happy with it. The set includes a variety of pieces that kids can use to build a track. My son didn't understand that he didn't have to use ALL the pieces to make a track, so he was frustrated that there were so many pieces. That said, it's likely that an older child would understand that better. The initial instructions could have been clearer. It relied on small line drawings of the pieces, many of which look very similar. They could have included an indication of the color of the pieces, which would have made things much clearer. This toy also requires a fairly large space to store when not in use because there are many pieces. There's a warning about being careful with the train when it's on the setting to run on its own. My son (2.5 yo) keeps trying to move the train on his own when it's on that setting and it makes me a bit nervous but so far nothing has happened. My son (2.5 yo) is loving this toy. Not only has he played with it for a length of time (his initial experience lasted about 30 minutes), but he came back to it shortly afterward for another lengthy playing session. This afternoon he ran into the house saying, "No supper. I want to play with the train, Mommy!" The train plays music that is "less annoying than most toys like this one," according to my husband. My son (2.5 years) has truly used this toy (just about every day over the last month) and the toy has stood up fairly well. We did notice that some of the connections aren't as tight as they once were, but nothing has broken. We did have to replace the batteries, but that was not particularly a surprise. My son has enjoyed this toy more than I can say. He loves putting the track together in new and different configurations (e.g., in a circle, arranged by colour, in a long straight line). And he loves that the train plays music and runs by itself... but he also loves that he can push the train to make it move as well. Marcy Jefferson

It's mostly been my 3 year old and her friends who have played with this toy. They all like watching the train go around the track. They were not nearly as interested in building the tracks. My 3 year old can connect the track pieces, but she is no where near the ability to follow the tiny images on the instructions to complete the tracks properly. It takes me a long time to build one track because I cannot do it intuitively - it must be done by following the instructions. My 5 year old wasn't so interested in this toy, but I don't think she'd be able to successfully build a complete track either. My 16 month old can't really play with this toy at all without destroying the track. I would say that the age range should be ages 2-5. My daughter also likes to put the balls (without realizing that they are different shapes) in the various places and pushing them through. It's a nice idea to put shape sorting into the mountain, but it's way too subtle for little kids to pick up, so it just ends up being frustrating on occasion when the ball doesn't go through the hole. My daughter likes the mini-hammer. The girls (F3 & four friends) all enjoyed taking turns putting the train on the track and watching the train go around. They all insisted that I build the track because they wanted the train to stay on and they weren't able to build it properly themselves. I would say that they enjoyed watching the train, but they all lost interest within 15-20 minutes and by the second week, only two of them wanted to play it again. My 16 month old loves the train, but keeps destroying the track by accident. It doesn't hold together strongly enough for him. He wants to chase the train down the track, and he knocks on the track slightly then the whole thing comes apart. It's frustrating for him. It seems well made. Nothing is broken at the moment, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of the pieces do break - the latch to connect the train and the trailer for example, seems a little flimsy. My husband finds the train music to be rather annoying. I think it's funny. There isn't much of a tune to the man's singing and he's singing about bringing materials. Nothing broke despite my 16 month old using it and falling on it a couple of times. It seems to be good quality. I don't see how a 1 year old can play with this toy properly when it keeps falling apart any time someone touches the tracks slightly. I would say that it's more for ages 2-4. My 5 year old had no interest in at all all as she saw it as a baby toy. It's huge and difficult to store. One piece that is supposed to stay attached to the mountain always comes off, despite my following the instructions carefully. Also, the track pieces come apart very easily, which is very frustrating for both my 16 month old and my 3 year old. I feel like there are other train track sets out there that are more versatile and cheaper. Wendy Krakowski

I personally think the toy is great and fun, but my kids (M11m, F2.5) spent more time dismantling the track then putting it back together, so having the pieces all over the house wasn't enjoyable. My children would lose interest once the track would get disconnected and they couldn't put back together again. But the toy was very fun and both my kids like to watch the train go around and sing. My daughter did have a challenge of putting the train on the track when the cart was connected. Both my kids would either accidentally kick the pieces while sitting to play however and were not able to put the pieces back together. This made it hard for them to play with. Might be better play if it was on a table, but it was too big for any of our tables. I think they would both enjoy more at an older age. I would say 3 and up would get the most use out of this toy as the building of the tracks is better suited for 3 and up. The train is pretty powerful to be able to carry a car on the cart or push cards up the ramps. Quite a large spread out toy, which took up a lot of space. It's great that you can create different tracks, but I did find some tracks were loosely clicked together where others were hard to pull it apart. One of the stickers on the corner track pieces got ripped by my baby since it wasn't stuck on very well. Other than that, the quality is good, although I worry about the little piece that connects the tram to the train - feels like it could easily break if the train gets dropped. I am also concerned about the wheel that keeps spinning. I myself have been pinched by the wheel many times, and my daughter's shirt has been caught on it too. I worry her hair will get trapped in it. But overall this toy is super fun, and my kids love it and spend quite a good amount of time playing with it. Ellen Spencer

Manufacturer's Description

It’s a gold rush at the Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Treasure Mountain Train Adventure™ by VTech. Turn on the motorized freight train and watch as it chugs around the tracks, through the tunnels and up hills on its own! The freight train responds to the playset's nine SmartPoint® locations with fun phrases, music and more. The gold mine also includes rotating gears, a crane to