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LeapStart™ Kindergarten & 1st Grade Interactive Learning System

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Age:5-7 years
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I like learning about so many different things and different places. This book is easy for me to use and I can do it all by myself. I like learning about all the different things. I really like the pages in the book about different places (geography), the one about the astronaut and the animal page. It also says funny things like when the astronaut says "I should have used the bathroom before I came out here" It says a lot of different things that I didn't know before. It would be better if we had more books. Also, it's hard to hear what the book is saying if any one else is talking. Raina (F5)

It's kind of like a talking book with games! I like the games and the ABC page and the math page because I'm good at math. It's fun to use the special pen thingy to touch all the different objects and hear what the voice says. It was just a bit boring after I did all the pages. Sara (F5)

The book is a little too easy for me and there's not enough to do. I wish there was another book that came with it. David (M7)

It looks fun but the sample book was boring, and there were no activity books that came with the learning system. You need to buy books. Noah (M6.5)


My daughter, 5, really enjoyed this learning system. The sample book included has a different topic on each page,from space to geography so she is fascinated to learn all the new facts! In her first play session, she played with it non-stop for about 45 minutes, until I made her take a break for snack! I like that she wants to play with it as she is learning new things. With only the sample book to use during our testing, my daughter, 5, lost interest after one week, but she was engaged until she had played with it so much the content became repetitive. She liked having her own book that would read to her. It is easy to use and she seemed to find it fun to use. A lot of tablets for kids have screens that are black and white/grey, whereas this system uses interchangeable books so they are full of cartoon-like colourful pictures, which attracted my kids. Also with some other learning systems, that are more like mini tablets, my kids will just take pictures over and over, or watch the videos. This system is an interactive picture book so she is very focused and paying attention to the voice responses. To keep her interested longer we would have needed to buy more books that go with the system. As a parent, I thought the content could have been more in depth, I think older kids would lose interest faster. I would have also liked this system more if the writing/fonts were easier to read. Some pages, like the animal page didn't have any labels to read, and other pages with words were not easy for a 5 year old to read. To me, the most important kindergarten skill is reading, and and I thought this system should emphasize and help with that more. I like that the case for the learning system is gender neutral colours and sturdy with a nice carrying handle. It is very large and sturdy and seems like it will stand up to long term play. That being said, it does seem a bit too big. I don't think it would fit on my kid's lap if we wanted to use it in the car. It really needs to be laid out on a table for use. My daughter, 5, learned quickly to wait for the book to stop reading/talking and to listen for the response before pressing on a new item. My 35 month old was also very interested and with me sitting with him he was easily able to use the stylus and learn a few new things for the book. The instructions were for parents to set up the device. You have to install batteries and then hook it up to your computer. Once you have it hooked up, it is easy to set up with the child's name and activate the appropriate book. I think my kids will want to play with this a lot, until they are familiar with the content of the book we have. There are 14 books, but you have to buy them separately. Based on the sample book included with the Learning System I think the variety of topics is good, but isn't very sophisticated. My daughter, 5, liked hearing all the information the book contained, however it was very basic information and it became repetitive. I think the facts are appropriate for 4 or 5 year olds, but I think older kids would lose interest quickly. Rebecca D'Silva

It definitely has potential to be a fun toy, but the sample booklet is just not enough to judge it. There are only a few pages of fun/learning and my kids (F5 & M7) got bored of it quickly. My 7 year old was pretty much done playing with it within a day or two. My 5 year old still goes to it a little, but there's just not enough in the small book to keep her occupied for more than a few minutes (and she's the type who could potentially sit and play with a toy for hours). My kids liked putting the stylus on all the different options, and they found it interactive and fun. Some pages in the sample book were difficult for my 5 year old, but she figured it out with help from her big brother. My kids like the "special pen" best, and the way that learning system has a place in the back to store the book. It seems very well made. The only problem I predict happening is that the stylus leaves imprints when the kids push hard on the books. With time, it could potentially make deep enough imprints that it could affect play value and could rip the book. I like the concept and I like that it has the potential to be educational. Wendy Krakowski

At first, my son (M6) was all excited. We have downloaded all the activity books that our son wanted to do but then realized that we needed to buy the books to be able to use them. No activity books came with the learning system. They are all sold separately. My M6 was really dissapointed. There is one book but its a sample book, which my 3 year old likes to use as the activities in there are more of his age. Annie Deveau

Manufacturer's Description

LeapStart Kindergarten & 1st Grade is an interactive learning system that gets kids excited about everything from creative thinking to STEM with fun replayable activities that teach life and school skills. With 400+ activities across a library of 16 books (sold separately) and 50 key skills per level, we’re helping kids build tomorrow’s skills today, in new imaginative ways.

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