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Think & Learn Smart Scan Word Dash

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Age:3-6 years
MSRP:$39.99 ca
$29.99 us
3 x AAA (Not Included)
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I like that you play some music. That's my favourite part. It's fun to play games with the different circles. It's super easy to play with and I don't need any help. I carry by myself and scan the circles. When you scan you can play games like red light and green light and it's fun. I like the voice that talks. He sounds nice. This is a strong toy because I dropped it and it is okay. I like to put the circles back into the container. Siobhan (F5)

I like the games and I like the story that you make up. It feels like it's a magic wand. Sara (F5)

It's fun! I know I'm supposed to be too old for it, but I like the stories and games, especially 'red light, green light'. David (M7)

The games are fun. I like the cards - you can learn a lot when you scan them! You have to turn it on and push the button to scan. Pretending to be an animal is fun. Mia (F5)

I like the red light green light game to see how fast I can scan the discs. I like that I can play games all by myself and the games are easy to play. I like the discs and the case for them. The case is fun to play with and I can put other things in it too. I don't really like the noises it makes and it's too loud so I can't play if my brother is napping. Raina (F5) 

Wow, this is loud. Elizabeth (F5)

I don't like scanning. Robert (M3)


My kids, ages F3, F5 and M7, all enjoyed using the wand to scan the various cards. My 7 year old played with it the most, but when my other kids had their turns, they also had a good time and learned something too! I think it's too simple for M7, but he insists that it is still fun. He likes pretty much anything electronic, so it's not so surprising that he likes this toy too. My 5 year old daughter had to be encouraged greatly just to give it a shot. She generally prefers dolls and toys involving imagination, but she likes this toy too. She's only had 1 or 2 play sessions with it - I think the more she plays with it, the more she'll get comfortable with the games and get faster at responding to all of the challenges. My kids loved how there were different modes with games, stories, etc. My 3 year old really liked using the "wand". Her big brother showed her how to hold it and how to play the games, and she figured it out pretty well. My only criticism about the design is that my kids wish that they could choose which game they wanted instead of having to go in order. I like the concept of the toy, but I wish it wasn't all about paleontology and divers. It should be educational about things that apply to kids lives! Or maybe there should be more options as to what the subjects would be. Although this is an excellent, educational toy, I feel like this toy has potential to be much better if it was possible to skip over games that you don't want to play. Also, there should be more cards or perhaps different sets to choose from. Wendy Krakowski

It is a very loud toy with no volume control. Some of the sounds are actually piercing and painful to listen to. My daughter (5) was into the music playing as part of the background and would scan the disks but never for very long. Once she scanned the disks and played the games she moved on and lost interest. If more disks were provided maybe this could have increased her play sessions but there is a limited amount of disks included. A bit expensive, I can't see myself paying that much especially when the disks are so few. There isn't a lot of long term value. Excellent concept with nice monochrome drawings. My daughter was very interested in playing with this toy but somehow the play experience wasn't enough to keep her engaged. Susan Chaves

Mia (F5) had fun acting out the animal gestures and was proud of herself for finding the right letters or pictures. She enjoyed scanning the cards and learning new things depending on which mode she was in. The three modes of play and the variety within each mode is good. The scan mode that provides interesting facts about the card is great. The letter identification will definitely enhance school readiness and reinforce learning for young school-aged kids. The wand itself is easy to use and the built-in card storage is very handy. It took a while to realize that the cards needed to be spaced out quite a bit for the wand to read them properly. Other than that the wand is very intuitive and easy to use. Mia really enjoyed this toy the first few times she played with it. The interactivity and different game modes made it interesting, but after a few cycles, she could repeat some of the messaging and lost interest. Hopefully they will offer additional sets of cards for this game. The ABC setting was our favourite from an educational perspective. The music mode wasn't very melodic and we never heard the "story" aspect of the feature. Pretty rugged - Mia slammed it on the ground a few times excited to use it to "read" the cards. Overall great educational toy that is interactive and fun, Would be better if they had more sets of cards to select from as once you cycled through a few times, Mia lost interest. More cards and this would be GOLD. Sophie Lafleur

I have to ask my kids, F5 & M3, to play with with this.  My three year old has a hard time holding the scanner itself, it's a bit too big for his hands. There are a lot of instructions that the scanner says, and it seems he doesn't like being told what to do that frequently, as he stops playing after about one minute. My daughter, 5, likes the 'red light green light' game where you scan as many words as possible. The first time they played with it, they only played a couple minutes, and I've had to ask them to play with it again. The second play session lasted about 20 minutes with the scanner, but then my kids took the discs and started playing another game, using them like stepping stones on the ground! So at least I know the discs are durable! They don't really like the music mode, the noises it makes aren't very musical and I find them repetitive and irritating - for example it has a dolphin squeaking, and the sqwak of a tucan. You can't adjust the volume either. The other problem is that there are different games in the three modes of play, but you always have to play the first game to get to the next. So if you don't like the first game, you have no choice to pass over it. It's fairly easy to use, with the rules of each game told by the scanner each time a game is started. It is frustrating that the scanner repeats the same thing over and over 'press the button', 'scan the disc' and while it is saying that you cannot scan the item, you have to wait until it's done talking. I like the storage case for the discs and that it snaps on to the scanner so it doesn't get lost. While the scanner itself looks pretty neat I think it's too big for both my five and three year old to hold. I noticed they both have to hold it with two hands. As an adult holding the scanner, it's the right size for me. There are times when you press the button and the scanner doesn't respond, and other times when I haven't pressed the button, but the disc register as though it has scanned anyway. Rebecca D'Silva

My daughter (nearly 5) enjoys this toy, although she has commented a few times that it is loud. It is interesting with the disks and also the options to do different things (3 settings). It seems well made; the case for the disks is neat and tidy. It is intuitive to use; not too challenging at all, but it really needs a volume setting. We enjoyed playing with it for a little while together. I think it has a lot of merit as a learning toy, and it is appealing to children very quickly. I do not think we would keep this if ours, just due to the noise factor. Ruth Burany

Manufacturer's Description

Teaches early literacy, following directions and thinking skills through active, seek-and-find fun!

With 9 Smart Discs and 3 learn & move modes of play, Smart Scan Word Dash gets kids’ minds (and bodies) moving in so many fun ways! Spread out the Smart Discs on the floor, pick a play mode and see kids go! With the Smart Scanner in hand, they’ll be prompted to answer questions, build stories, play games and more with objects on the Smart Discs – making countless connections as they learn the basics of literacy right on the “spot!” 

1. Letters & Words. Directed play gets kids making connections between the letters, words & pictures they find on the Smart Discs. “I’m looking for the jungle.” Or “Find the letter J.” 

2. Stories & Music. Encourages kids to come up with silly stories & poems, and even create their own songs in this open-ended play mode! “There was an old lady who swallowed a _____. She swallowed the ____ to catch the _____...

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