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Age:18 months - 4 years
MSRP:$79.99 ca
$69.99 us
4 x AA (Not Included)
•App available through February 1, 2018 •Love2Learn Elmo app works with select iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. Updates affect compatibility. Check with for details. Fees may apply.
Early Impressions

Toy Fair Impressions: We had a nice little cuddle with Elmo at Toy Fair last week. There is a small box in his tummy, but for the most part he's pretty squishy and comfy. This latest Elmo still does all the usual Elmo stuff: he's full of energy, positivity and learning opportunities, especially with the new mobile app that allows parents to fine tune the learning content. But what we love most is that you can use the App to reinforce daily routines. So when your child starts squirming, just use the App to prompt Elmo to ask if they need to go potty.

Tester Reviews


Elmo says my name! Elmo knows my name and we can play together. I like playing with Elmo and making cookies with Cookue Monster [using the iPad App]. I like clapping Elmo hands, he plays music and counts, but he falls down a lot. Robert (M35 months)

He's funny and I like when he's clapping his hands. I like to cuddle with him and hear him laugh. He talks to me and he knows my name, Aiden (M3)


This Elmo is the best Elmo toy we've had, there are a lot of great features, especially when paired with the app. My son, 3, really loved the look and feel of this Elmo, he often gives the toy big hugs. With all the features of the app, where you can have Elmo say different phrases with the child's name, it seems like Elmo is a real friend talking and playing with you. Even though it has a battery pack and controls inside, the toy is still cuddly enough to hug. Every time he talks it looks like the real Elmo puppet. The only real flaw to our Elmo, is that when he talks a lot, he falls over from a sitting position, so he mostly has to lie down during. My son has never watched Elmo on TV, but this Elmo to me looks like the real thing. Elmo talks and moves his mouth just like the 'real' Elmo. This Elmo is quite big with really soft fur, so my son loves to give him big hugs. There are a lot of different songs that Elmo sings and many features like squeezing his tummy makes him laugh, squeezing his nose makes different honking noises, when you clap is hands it sounds like real clapping and there are several hand clapping games that you can play with Elmo. There is also an App that goes with Elmo which also has several different activities. The way he moves his mouth to talk and his fur and size really makes him look like the real Elmo. There are so many different features and ways to play with Elmo along with the App, that my son has asked to play with him everyday during our first week with Elmo. The only thing I don't like is that this Elmo was made to sit, with the heavy battery compartment as the anchor to keep him sitting upright. The only problem is that his mouth moves so much when he's talking, it seems to throw him off balance and he falls down a lot! But it's very easy for my 2 year old to play with Elmo. The toughest thing is clapping his hands consistently but it doesn't affect play or frustrate my son. I really like this Elmo. I think he looks, feels and acts like the real Elmo. It would be better if Elmo could stay sitting upright all the time, but otherwise is really well made with so many features. The coolest feature in the App are the "Parent Helpers". If my son Robert is playing with Elmo, I can go into the App and have Elmo say things like "It's time to clean up Robert". My favorite was when Elmo (using the Parent Helpers) said "You're doing a great job Robert" and my son replied "Thanks Elmo!" With those talking features, it really makes Elmo seem real! LOVE2LEARN Elmo has all sorts of different features that help little ones to learn their numbers. He plays a clapping game and counts along. In the App there is a baking with Cookie Monster where you count out the ingredients to add. My son is really excited to play with Elmo and seems to really like the interactive games in the App. I love how real Elmo seems, his size and the way his mouth moves when he talks. With the App you can have Elmo say different messages that he personalizes so it really seems like a real Elmo. Unfortunately, there were a few times when the app froze, so my kids would stop playing. In three weeks I've had to delete and reload the app two times. The worst was on his birthday, I wanted Elmo to say Happy Birthday Robert to my son during his party and the app was frozen. I had all these kids waiting to hear it, and then nothing happened! Rebecca D'Silva

This Elmo is a pretty cute and cuddly toy. It took a few times for my 2 year old to get the hang of how to squeeze his nose to start him talking, or tickle his tummy, but once she got the hang of it she enjoyed playing with him. She was very excited about clapping his hands and said, "I'm clapping Elmo's hands, mommy!" This particular Elmo toy can become even more interactive once you set him up with an app. Unfortunately, there was not enough room on my phone to download the app and we have no other devices to connect him too :( I did note that my daughter's name was one of the 10, 000 names that you can select and I was surprised as she has a pretty unique name. Overall I think my daughter has enjoyed playing with Elmo, I wish we were able to explore interacting with him more. Shalimar Novak

ELMOOOO !!!! Is what my son screamed when I showed him what I had for him. He was just so thrilled ! We immediatly had to take him out of the box and my little boy just cuddled him because he is so soft and very cuddly. Elmo is now one of my son's little friends. He takes him everywhere. So far, my son loves to squeeze his nose to bring him to life and tickle him to make him laugh. One of his favorite is clapping his hands to start a song. Elmo is a very cool toy. The ability of Elmo to talk to the child by his name was a hit. At first, it wasnt very clear but my son came to understand that Elmo was saying his name and he just loved it. Getting it set up and configured was easy and the interactive features are awesome. There are games, songs, With the app, you can swap between kids by changing their names. My son doesn't get bored of Elmo and at night, we turn him off and he just uses it as a cuddly stuffed friend. He is well designed and not as heavy and stiff as other tickle me Elmo's. The only thing that is getting a little annoying is the shedding. Elmo is very soft but he is shedding. I keep seeying red fur everywhere on the floor. Easy to pick up but annoying. I like that you can still bring him to life and play with him without customizing him. I cannot wait to see the difference once he is saying my son's name and interacting with him. Annie Deveau

Manufacturer's Description

Love2Learn Elmo is a cuddly plush toy that knows your child’s name!* Now toddlers and preschoolers can play personalized learning activities right along with their best friend, Elmo. Parents can use the Love2Learn Elmo app to deliver this customized play experience for their child. When parents select their child’s name*, desired subject, level, and favorites in the app, the Elmo toy will talk and play based on those selections. Choose from the app’s parent helpers, and the Elmo toy can even encourage kids in real time to clean up, use the potty, and much more! With 350+ responses and 30+ minutes of unique content, little ones will love playing fun activities with Elmo! Love2Learn Elmo plays games, sings, and makes silly sounds. Clap his hands together to hear all about letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and animals! The app also includes 3 games for children and Elmo to play together. The Elmo toy reacts to what a child does on screen in real time for an interactive game experience...

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